Southwest Seafood

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2008/01/24 13:26:34 (permalink)

Southwest Seafood

I'm not talkin' San Diego, of course...seafood away from the sea is always an odd thing, but these days aren't a lot of fish brought from out of town to restaurants, even when they're on the coast? My experience has been that it's hard to good seafood in AZ, but maybe I'm not looking in the right places. I am highly skeptical of the results yelp has wrought...(ha).

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    RE: Southwest Seafood 2008/01/24 13:45:04 (permalink)
    What types of places have you tried?
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    RE: Southwest Seafood 2008/01/24 14:03:19 (permalink)
    I'm skeptical of any place inland that serves seafood. Here in Austin we have several places that serve seafood in the southwest mode. I've tried some of it and have not been impressed. Down in Port Aransas, different story.
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    RE: Southwest Seafood 2008/01/24 14:42:02 (permalink)
    I can think of three places that are really good in the PHX area, all of which I can attest have great seafood.

    1. Taylor Chowder House, a back east-type seafood restaurant, that serves great chowder and whole belly clams. Their address is 3538 W. Cavalier, Phoenix

    2. Seafood Market and Restaurant, 1910 S. Gilbert Road, Gilbert, authentic clam chowder

    3. San Carlos Bay, 1901 E. McDowell Road, Phoenix, really good Mexican seafood restaurant.

    I think any or all of the three would be good ones for you to experience. I'm sure there are a few more but none that I've experienced personally other than these.

    Have fun and enjoy.

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    RE: Southwest Seafood 2008/02/25 17:16:59 (permalink)
    I know that it is a chain, but McCormick and Schmick's in Phoenix, like their other locations, flies in their seafood fresh, and serves good and well-prepared (if somewhat pricy) food.
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    RE: Southwest Seafood 2008/02/26 12:05:47 (permalink)
    If it is a high-end restaurant (not just Joe Shmoe buying frozen fish from Costco), it is irrelevant whether it is near the ocean.

    Probably the best seafood restaurant in the country is Le Bernardin, in NYC. Rest assured that their selections are not limited to what is available from local fisheries.

    If you are a midwesterner, think of Charlie Trotter's in Chicago, one of the top restaurants in the land. Lots of fish on the menu, and on the whole, it is not from the Great Lakes.

    The greatest fish market on the planet is probably Tsukiji, where fish from all over the world are sold, at astronomical prices, not just local. It is all in the handling, you don't have to be near the waters where the fish are caught.
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    RE: Southwest Seafood 2008/02/28 12:38:04 (permalink)
    Well of course that's an oxymoron, since the Southwest has no sea. (maybe a bit if you count to Texas coast?) - Funnily, I think of Rocky Mountain trout as real Southwest fish. (not "sea" food).

    If you mean putting Southwest "spices" (chile, etc) on it, sure that's SW, but is just putting spices on anything make it "a dish"? We sure can include all that great Mexican seafood (even Santa Fe has some excellent Mexican seafood places, Marsicos La Playa for example).

    Or other SW-ish fresh (stream,river) fish.
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    RE: Southwest Seafood 2008/02/29 12:06:32 (permalink)
    I just spent 3 days at the largest seafood show in the world here in Boston. Over 800 exibitors covering every aspect of the industry. As mentioned above seafood can be shipped fresh any place in the world in a matter of hours.
    The biggest problem I can see is preparation of seafood in areas that not in an area with a great demand for it. Most people overcook seafood and a line cook if not properly trained will do so also. It's also hard to introduce various new seafood dishes to those areas. It's very easy to sell squid, eels, monk fish and so on here in the North East but other areas not big movers. Chow Jim
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    RE: Southwest Seafood 2008/03/04 14:43:23 (permalink)
    Well, quite honestly the seafood here in Phoenix is awful - at least for gulf seafood like shrimp, blue crab, red snapper, flounder and the like. All of the major seafood places here serve west coast seafood, which is quite a bit different than what I enjoy and not my cup of tea. I'm moving my family back to the Texas gulf coast, and I would be lying if I said that the lack of seafood wasn't a big reason.
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