Specials for College Students at Exams

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2006/10/30 09:48:37 (permalink)

Specials for College Students at Exams

Hello All,
My daughter is away at college and we just got a letter
from the Student Assembly of her college offering an
Exam Survival Kit for $20. It is basically nothing more
than a basket full of snacks.
Just wondering if any of you professionals have thought
of offering something similiar if you have colleges or
universities in your area. Her kit is delivered to her
dorm room, but someone could offer a special Exam Survival
Meal or something like that.
As a parent of a student, we like to do special things for
our kids. Even a gift certificate that we could purchase
is an idea that I would do for my daughter. I know
it would take some time and effort, and wonder if it would
be worth it.
Just thought it could be an interesting marketing thing.
Any thoughts would be appreciated.
Take Care,

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    RE: Specials for College Students at Exams 2006/10/30 10:23:15 (permalink)

    Pretty clever marketing. Seems many college kids these days have money to throw around and the marketers know it. Of course a real, thoughtful, exam survival kit would be great and I think parents sending gift certificates and such is a great idea.

    Best I ever experienced is Chicken Lou's at Northeastern University. I mentioned Lou on another recent post, but it's a shack on campus that serves cheaper and greasier food than most of the upscale chains in the food courts. They're also across the street from the law school. In the days before the University instituted a campus debit card, Lou gave law students credit until their student loans came through. Lou and his family were always ready with a quick gag to get your mind off your troubles. Even more, they had seen students come and go and could offer real support. When someone had first-year panic they could say, "wait until you go out on your first co-op, it'll all be different after that." When someone was in too much of a panic to go to class they'd find a way to stick some food in front of them and talk 'em down.

    Lou's gone, but the family still runs the business and, I suspect, still providing survival support.
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    RE: Specials for College Students at Exams 2006/10/30 11:25:15 (permalink)
    I went to college in a very small town in Iowa, there was a local church group that pretty much adopted the student body and would send letters out to parents offering "boxes" for their student's birthday or any special occasion for a small fee. Mine was a birthday cake big enough to share and some other little goodies that would store well ( this was back before little fridges were allowed) It was a little town and there wasn't much to do so it was appreciated.
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    RE: Specials for College Students at Exams 2006/11/08 03:39:00 (permalink)
    Lord, I remember this when I was an undergrad a hundred (actually, around 30) years ago...the "care packages" frequently included homebaked cookies, "trail mix," etc.
    They seem to have evolved to a much higher level nowadays...many more gourmet offerings.
    At certain institutions (including my undergrad) these care packages were put together by entrepreneurial student groups. I think it's a good idea to support student-sponsored initiatives; it helps them to develop budgetary discipline, marketing skills, etc.
    Of course, back in my undergrad days, my poor parents were strapped to come up with their contribution to my tuition, dorm fees, etc. No extra funds for goodies like this.
    Also, my parents were and are amazing cooks...my mother would bake her own cookies to send to me...of course, the biggest problem was keeping them away from other students on the floor. I swear, one time, I returned to the dorm after Christmas break, with a variety of cookies; at least five dozen home-baked oatmeal, chocolate chip, sugar, etc. I left them in my room, went out to greet my friends, and within an hour, every last one was devoured by people who stopped by my room!
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    RE: Specials for College Students at Exams 2006/11/08 06:50:44 (permalink)
    I use to make stew, spaghetti, soup, etc, and freeze it in single portion containers for my stepdaughter to take back to school when she came home. Pack a styrofoam cooler with them and off she went.

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