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2005/11/15 18:38:30 (permalink)


I lived in Binghamton NY for a year and grew to love/hate a sammy called
a Speedie. Some tasted like they were grilled over a trash fire, and some were out of this world. Anyone have a recipe? I've been told, good Porteguese bread makes the sandwich.

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    RE: Speedies 2005/11/15 18:52:34 (permalink)
    BluePlate, you should do a search on speedies. There have been several posts over the years about this Binghamton specialty.
    Michael Hoffman
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    RE: Speedies 2005/11/15 19:01:15 (permalink)
    What is a sammy?
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    RE: Speedies 2005/11/15 19:15:51 (permalink)
    I'm not attacking you personally, BluePlate, but I hate the word "sammy". That's a person's name; not a sandwich.

    I hadn't even heard of it until Rachael Ray started dropping the "sammy" bomb on her various shows. It must be a regional thing? I've seen it called that on multiple threads here as well.
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    RE: Speedies 2005/11/16 02:23:18 (permalink)
    Get yourself a bottle of spiedie sauce (either Lupo's or Salamida's) and marinate chunks of your favorite meat in it, the longer the soak the better. You can either then skewer the meat or cook the loose pieces, grill works best for flavor, but cooked in a hot cast iron skillet works. Take a piece of sliced italian bread and put your finished spiedies on, slice of cheese optional. Eat and enjoy.

    ... now I know what I'm going to have for dinner tomorrow

    P.S. If you wanted a recipe to make your own marinade here's one:

    1/2 cup olive oil
    1/2 cup Red wine vinegar
    2 tsp. sugar
    garlic minced, as much as you like
    2 tsp. Dijon
    1 tsp. salt
    1 tsp. pepper
    1 tsp. dried tarragon
    1 tsp. dried oregano
    1 tsp. dried basil

    This makes enough marinade for about 2 pounds of meat, maybe more.
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    RE: Speedies 2005/11/16 09:38:28 (permalink)
    HotDogHead said- " I'm not attacking you personally, BluePlate, but I hate the word "sammy". That's a person's name; not a sandwich."

    ...and, I think it's safe to say, that many of the people who eat "sammies" often have "taters" as a side dish. ("Veggies", too, but I think most people give that one a pass...).
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    RE: Speedies 2005/11/16 16:47:03 (permalink)
    Thanks for the brand names Wander, as for the word "sammy", was just trying to save a few keystrokes.
    You will never see the offending abreviation from me again. Thanks folks.
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    RE: Speedies 2005/11/16 19:17:39 (permalink)
    Blue Plate---definately use the search feature here---there is a BUNCH of Spiedie info
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    RE: Speedies 2005/11/16 22:12:25 (permalink)
    Hi BluePlate,
    My reflections:
    The Sammy:
    My late father-in-law used that word. I always thought it was his own convoluted way of talking. However, I have learned that there are quite a few people who use this term. In my view -- if it’s on your plate, you can call it anything you want.
    I am reminded of an old teacher that I had in elementary school. She would have a fit if anyone dared use the term hot dog. It must always be called a frankfurter. If she were alive today, I can see her writing to the Hot Dogs, Sausages & Bratwurst Forum and attempting to correct them.
    I’m also reminded of and old radio show – “The Small-fry Club.” Big Brother Bob would say, “ We don’t call our children kids. We prefer small-fry.”
    How would you like to live I his house?
    Life is too short –

    The Spiedie:
    The spiedie is one great sandwich!
    Two sites that I picked up on Roadfood.com make so easy to make your own:



    But, I must admit, I like Wander’s recipe and cooking tips.

    Hope you can enjoy Roadfood.com. Most people around here are very nice.
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    RE: Speedies 2005/11/16 22:52:33 (permalink)
    When I told my insurance provider I was with child, he said, "so you're going to have a carpet drooler around, hey?"
    Um, well ok.
    Sammie has been brought to the forefont by the ever annoying Rachael Raye of Food Network fame.
    The same woman who says EVOO every show thinking she's precious for saving the time, yet EVERY time she says that, she then explains that EVOO stands for, are you ready? Extra virgin olive oil!!!!
    This reminds me of a story of my english grandfather, that I very sadly did not get to meet before he passed..
    He heard a friend of his tell her son that the train going by was a choo-choo.
    Pushed to his limits, he told her, " dammit, It's a bloody train! Teach him the right word now, or he'll think you're a bloddy liar!"
    He was my kind of man...
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    RE: Speedies 2008/06/15 10:18:01 (permalink)
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