Square Deep Dish Pizza

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2005/02/16 10:21:24 (permalink)

Square Deep Dish Pizza

Can you get this anywhere in Minnesota?

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    RE: Square Deep Dish Pizza 2005/02/16 11:06:59 (permalink)
    Rocky Rococo is a WI & IL chain that also has 1 store in Brooklyn Park MN (as well as 1 in Louisville KY and 1 in Spokane WA). However, I think of it as pan-style (and that's how it's marketed) and not deep-dish.


    It's OK; FWIW I find it to be pretty unique-tasting and not similar to the other pizzas I've tried in and around the Madison WI area. I haven't had any for some time now...maybe a lunch visit is in my future!

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    RE: Square Deep Dish Pizza 2005/02/16 18:44:40 (permalink)
    Not that it has anything to do with pizza,but the Rocky Rococo history says they started on Gilman St in Madison in 1974.Only about 3-4 years before that,I spent pretty much at least part of every evening down on Gilman St. at a place called Dewey's.A wonderful place to drink beer and see almost any band that passed thru the Midwest in a delightful small (actually tiny) club setting.By far one the best things about my college experience at the UW.Now if only this pizza place would have existed at the time,it might have been damn close to perfect.

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    RE: Square Deep Dish Pizza 2005/02/16 20:00:58 (permalink)
    I've heard this style described as Sicilian style pizza. Is that correct?
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    RE: Square Deep Dish Pizza 2005/02/16 23:08:07 (permalink)
    Hmmmm. Rocky Rococo, at your... service.

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    RE: Square Deep Dish Pizza 2005/02/16 23:53:51 (permalink)
    Originally posted by Peachpie9

    Perhaps because it's so far from its roots, the Rocky Rococo in Spokane, WA is eminently forgettable. We have dined there maybe three times over the last 10 years, and although it has a fairly sophisticated menu, the incarnation of the items never seems to live up to its billing.

    The place is jammed 24:7 with kiddies, which usually speaks to me of price (low) and gimmicks (it's jammed with those, too). I have never had the pleasure of the pizza to which you refer. Maybe that's what all those kiddies are doing there!


    I have been to Rocky's in Spokane many times, I guess I always manage to miss the kiddie fests and gimmicks.? I think Rocky's is pretty good as an alternative to the usual chains in this town, and I like their buy-by-the-slice (or square, actually) for a quick lunch, another thing you don't often find around here. Peachpie, have you tried Bennidito's or David's? They aren't square or deep dish but pretty good pizzas.
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    RE: Square Deep Dish Pizza 2005/02/17 07:49:03 (permalink)
    Originally posted by Mosca

    Hmmmm. Rocky Rococo, at your... service.

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    RE: Square Deep Dish Pizza 2005/12/30 12:12:23 (permalink)
    Used to be a take out pizza place in Irwin PA area, Salerno's that served huge, square pizzas about 2-3 inches thick with everything under a carpet of melted motzarella....I think they're gone now...Oh forgot to add, this was the best pizza IMHO in the East Pittsburgh area....my brother used to take a whole large with him back to VA when he was stationed there
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    RE: Square Deep Dish Pizza 2006/01/08 02:36:33 (permalink)
    Noble Roman's, an Indiana chain, used to serve deep dish Sicilian. It has been 30 years since I ate there regularly.
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