St. Louis BBQ

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2004/01/10 00:45:08 (permalink)

St. Louis BBQ

How about some thoughts on BBQ in St. Louis.....

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    RE: St. Louis BBQ 2004/01/12 06:55:49 (permalink)
    In their recent edition of the dining guide, Roadfood, Jane and Michael Stern included one St. Louis barbeque joint, C & K Barbecue. Since the review isn’t on, I’ll relate what they wrote:

    “St. Louis has always been a great barbecue town; C&K represents the best of this tradition. It is a small, out-of-the-way place with no seating (all take-out) and late night hours well suited to those of us who get a craving for ribs after midnight.

    Ribs, rib tips, chopped meat, even chicken, all bathed in proprietor Darryle Brantley’s exclamatory red sauce, are served in Styro boxes with sweet potato salad and soft white bread that makes a good sponge for drippy extra sauce. These are extremely messy meals, so even though each order is packed with napkins, we recommend getting extras.

    In addition to all the expected smoke house specialties, C&K offers a few rarer items, such as snoots (pig snouts baked until crisp and bathed in sauce) and ears (yes, pig ears, cooked until butter-soft and served between two slices of white bread, with or without sauce). These items are for the advanced barbecue connoisseur. We recommend the first-time visitor start with a slab of ribs!”

    A review of C&K is included in all 4 of my Stern dining guides, dating from 1992 to 2002, so they must like the place.

    I've never been to St. Louis and know nothing about their que. You may have to search the Web for reviews of other St. Louis bbq joints, but such a search is likely to be very productive.
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    RE: St. Louis BBQ 2004/01/12 07:04:33 (permalink)
    It's been a while since we were there (hence the lack of review here), but if it's still around and anything like it used to be, it's one of the greats. If anyone has been there recently, I'd love to hear about it.
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    RE: St. Louis BBQ 2004/01/12 08:16:28 (permalink)
    I have GOT to try pig ear!!!! I know my dog loves em!!!Been hearing aout them for years but never seem to be there when they are ready!! Only place i was that served them was out---which i usually take as a sign that they are good!--anyone know where i can get pig ear sandwiches in the vacinity of eastern Oklahoma?
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