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2009/05/04 22:02:05 (permalink)

St Louis

I will be spending Memorial Day weekend in St Louis. While doing research for my visit a couple of weeks ago, I ran across some very nice reviews somewhere of a little Mom & Pop BBQ joint in St Louis. I didn't note the name, and now I can't find the reviews. I've found nice reviews for Pappy's Smokehouse and Smoki O's, but they aren't the place I'm looking for. Any thoughts? 

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    Re:St Louis 2009/05/05 07:41:39 (permalink)
    am looking for good "texas style" in and around lexington, ky.
    or just plain old good bbq and please do not include moonlite bbq.
    been there and done that.

    any suggestions.


    Fire Safety Admin
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    Re:St Louis 2009/05/05 08:48:50 (permalink)
    Kenny Joe-
    The only barbecue parlor I have eaten at in St. Louis is C & K BBQ.  Although they are famous for having snoots and pig ears on their menu, their regular items, like rib tips are terrific.  It is a small place and would certainly qualify as a mom & pop.
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    Re:St Louis 2009/05/05 09:19:31 (permalink)
    Across the line in Il,you have Mike Mills 17th St Barbecue,which is about as close as you get.

    As to Lexington,the MoonLite is about 2 1/2 hrs away.

    Texas style bbq would be brisket,beef hot links,bbq 1/2 chicken and maybe some fullcut spares.

    Billy's BBQ is an old established pit ,but pork shoulder,and maybe loinbacks would be the menu.

    Big Kahuna Kooks
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    Re:St Louis 2009/05/05 11:33:06 (permalink)
    1. M&M Barbecue
    Extreme Glow
    Double Cheeseburger
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    Re:St Louis 2009/05/08 17:05:56 (permalink)
    Mama's Coal Pot in U City?

    Richard's Ribs in Kirkwood?

    Plush Pig in Clayton?

    Phil's in Affton?

    Smokin' Al's on Hampton?

    Try doing a restaurant search on  You can search by cuisine (BBQ).
    Junior Burger
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    Re:St Louis 2009/05/13 13:27:40 (permalink)
    If you havent been to it...Ropers Ribs in St Louis is delicious...they have crispy snouts...if you dont know what that is...dont ask just order them... :) but one of my favorite of West Florissant and Jenning Station Rd

    Baah Ben
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    Re:St Louis 2009/05/13 14:46:59 (permalink)
    Kenny - I know it's not BBQ, but check out O'Connell's (sorry - got the name wrong) ..Supposed to have terrific roast beef sandwiches and burgers...Always wanted to try this place.  They have a website..just in case you have another meal to research when in St. Louis.
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    Re:St Louis 2009/05/13 15:05:06 (permalink)
    Actually, Connely's (which some folks also refer to as Goody Goody Diner) is best known for their breakfast - and, in particular, the Wilbur.  Roadfood review

    O'Connell's, which is a pub on the outskirts of the Hill, is quite well known for their burgers, but especially, their roast beef sandwiches.
    Kenny Joe
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    Re:St Louis 2009/05/15 22:25:50 (permalink)
    M & M Barbeque and Fish is the place I was looking for, but darned if I can find the review that got me interested in it. It seems to be primarily takeout but does Big Kahuna or anyone else know if there are any facilities at M&M for eating in? I'm staying in a hotel and unlike many people, I do not think food and hotel rooms mix. That would seem to rule out Buffetbuster's suggestion of C & K, which looks like it's takeout only. Thanks, Extreme, for the other BBQ suggestions. I'll look them up, along with Roper's, which seems to have a substantial following.

    The Goody Goody Diner is definitely on my non-BBQ list, as is Ted Drewe's.  St Louis is in White Castle territory and I have a very, very bad untreated White Castle habit, so I'm not sure how many non franchise joints I'll be able to hit in a 3 day trip. I'll let you guys know, though. Thanks for all the suggestions.
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    Re:St Louis 2009/05/24 15:25:37 (permalink)
    Roper's Ribs is a great suggestion.  Take Route UU north from I-70 and turn right on Florissant.  It is a block or two east on the left (north) side of Florissant.  The St. Louis style ribs were excellent.  The rib tips were less impressive.
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    Re:St Louis 2009/06/15 12:41:48 (permalink)
    My personal favorite place in St Louis for BBQ is Ropers ribs on West Florissant and Jenning Station road
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