St Petersburg #2

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2009/03/07 16:10:39 (permalink)

St Petersburg #2

Seafarer John did #1 and I don't know who will do #3, but this is a follow up to Johns list.
During Feb I usually have snowbirds wandering around my place and they always want to eat someplace different--------
This year I found a few places I had not been to before and John didn't get there either so add these to your growing list---------
In Ellenton (a town south of St Pete and north of Cuba is a place called the ROARING 20s ---- there claim to fame is a Wurlitzer organ that rises up from down below and is played by folks who once played at Radio City, etc. 
They make good pizza and burgers and the music is "grand".  
We went there twice in Feb and both times the line was out the door and down the parking lot ---so we didn't enjoy The Roaring 20s during snowbird time---May is coming though. 
We drove down to the Manatee River and there we found
WOODY'S RIVER ROO-----------A fun place----music and singing and outdoor tables and good burgers and fish fry.  Nothing fancy, but good.
Dinner at BLACK FIN BLUE in Gulfport was looked forward to because of it's reputation as the best fish place on the Beach.  We were disappointed----
it was just "no big deal"--------sorry 'bout that because we had been looking forward to it.
A big surprise was the ABC SEAFOOD restaurant on N54th just west of 275.
Excellent Chinese food ---- big clue was the number of Asians eating there and talking the language.  Busy place on a weekday evening.  Forgot what we had, but it was very good. 
In the Sunken Garden complex a CARRABBA has opened and as usual was great.  And, by chance, it was buy one cocktail get a second one free-----I checked to see if the DUI cops were sitting outside and when they were not
I downed two good Martinis------I have liked that restaurant since I stumbled onto it 3 or 4 years ago in Naples---now it is all over.
The other new place was DOCKSIDE DAVE'S #2 in St Pete Beach.  Actually we trued to go to WOODY'S WATERSIDE (our favorite joint) but it was jammed--and so we went to DAVE'S new place and enjoyed it.  Here there is no problem with cars and fumes but the food is just as good.  They make the bestest fries --love 'em.  Didn't even need ketchup. 
Last but not least was  THE COLUMBIA at the Pier for lunch (at 3PM).  Great view from the 4th floor with Tampa Bay on then north, east and south.  The HMS Bounty tied up along side made it even more interesting.  Excellent Martini. wonderful crab croquette (from Mama's recipe) tapas, delicious salad and so-so entree.  Maybe we ordered the wrong stuff------but it sure was a great afternoon. 
I guess between Seafarer John and I you have many places to visit on your next trip---SO COME ON DOWN, the weather is great, the pool is always 85 and we would love to have y'all drop in and stay awhile !!!!!!!  Bring money, we need it. 

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    Re:St Petersburg #2 2009/03/07 16:14:16 (permalink)
    Well, my friend, you opened the invitation! Should be in Clearwater visiting the in laws in April, so will give you a heads up!
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    Re:St Petersburg #2 2009/03/10 12:45:17 (permalink)
    Ancient mariner-
    When I was doing some research for my Tampa trip a few months ago, I came across the Roaring 20's restaurant and was very curious about it.  It does sound like an interesting attraction.  Please report back to us on how it was when the crowds thin out.
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    Re:St Petersburg #2 2009/03/16 00:32:38 (permalink)
    Look thru their Webpage:
    Really a fun place to visit.

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    Re:St Petersburg #2 2009/03/16 02:20:52 (permalink)
    Ancient - So so is the perfect description for the entrees four of us had, too.  Great view though.
    the ancient mariner
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    Re:St Petersburg #2 2009/03/16 11:07:18 (permalink)
    Mr B Buster
    Dear Sir
    I am sorry that I didn't read your post until this morning, but if it is not too late here is my review of the Roarin' 20s.
    We went there in November before the snow birds showed up and liked it enough to make us want to go back,  Unfortunately that is when we found the long lines.  It is a (quoting Yogi Berra) place no one goes to any more because it is too crowded. 
    In November we walked right in ----saw the long menu----placed our order and were given a number -----when our number lit up on the board we collected our pizza and beer.  (2nd beer).  The pizza was good, not as good as some but better than some also.
    The beer was cold, on tap, Bud-----good stuff. 
    While we were chowing down the organ and organist rose from the depths and played old favorites, some marchs and various toe tapping tunes.  On either side of the organ is a dance floor and if you want to trip the life fantastic you are welcome. 
    The building is a big barn of a place with picnic tables ---no service, but who needs service----so all in all. as Mike said, it is a fun place.  Price is right----maybe that is why the lines are long.
    Much better than NASCAR.

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