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Re:State College Area 2010/07/01 02:49:58 (permalink)
I don't know what your little tirade on the fact that some stabilizer products are used in ice-cream is supposed to prove. I've been eating Creamery ice-cream since 1984. And it is not chemical tasting in the least. And there are plenty of natural products that go into ice-cream at the creamery, not the least being the on campus farm
 fresh milk, which is is only a few days old when your tongue hits the dessert.

And, not for nothing, but you were selective in your quotes. The article also talks about microcrystalline cellulose (MCC), a highly purified cellulose gel that fights heat shock by seeding the dessert mixture with millions of tiny particles which serve as nucleation points, solid centers around which minute ice crystals tend to grow. Food scientists cannot yet explain why MCC, unlike other stabilizers, amplifies flavor.

I guess that nugget of info didn't help your position. PSU uses MCC, which is why the article went into depth about that particular stabilizer.

Also, if you look at the ingredients list on the ice cream, these are minor ingredients. Frankly, I don't care what they put in their ice cream, PSU's Creamery is recognized as a world leader in ice cream development, and I've been enjoying it for over 25 years. You can grind your ax if you wish, but you won't sway me or the millions of people who enjoy it.

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Re:State College Area 2010/07/01 07:31:11 (permalink)
Well maybe next trip I'll try the Creamery. We were both pretty full from lunch. There was also the possibility of ice cream that evening in Fredericksburg and I didn't want it twice.

Anyway, here's my write up.

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Re:State College Area 2010/07/02 10:11:50 (permalink)
If you're ever in Centre County again, do try that Doan's Bones place I mentioned. It's a seasonal bbq pit stand that reeks (in a good way) of roadfoodability (if that's a word).

Glad to hear you had a chance to try some State College traditions, though. Nice and fair write-up and great job on the food photos at your link.
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Re:State College Area 2012/03/27 22:19:24 (permalink)
Good news/bad news on Clem's barbecue:
Jersey Shore is a little far to travel for tailgating barbecue unless you're traveling in from that direction, so hopefully they'll be back with an even better State College location.
Clem's BBQ has ceased operations in Centre County, according to owner Clem Pantalone.

Clem's had been operating out of Brewski's Bottle Shop at 1663 S. Atherton St., near the intersection of East Branch Road and South Atherton Street, but the take-out restaurant and caterer closed Tuesday.

"We basically outgrew the space allotted to us," Pantalone said. "We needed to close until we find a larger joint."

As a result of the closure, Clem's has suspended all its catering jobs, effective immediately.

In December, Pantalone closed his location at the Tipton exit of Interstate 99, at the intersection of Route 220 and McFarland Road. He still plans to open a roadside stand at 9747 U.S. Route 220 South, near Jersey Shore, by May.

Pantalone said he intends to reopen in or near State College as soon as possible, and has already looked at potential locations.

"I want to continue with it and I think there's still a future for it," he said. "I hope to be back open as soon as two weeks from now, but that's not a surety."

A representative from Hospitality Asset Management, which operates Brewski's, could not immediately be reached for comment Tuesday afternoon."
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