Storm Foods

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RE: Storm Foods 2003/09/16 15:16:22 (permalink)
Well remember the shrimp boat in the pecan tree in Moss Point, Mayhaw, and am sure you've seen the boat which blew across Hwy. 90 between Biloxi and Gulfport during Camille, and last time I noticed was still there, thirty something years later. And in addition to the western end of Dauphin Island, which is it, Ship Island or Horn Island off the Mississippi coast, which is periodically cut into by hurricanes.
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RE: Storm Foods 2003/09/19 22:15:28 (permalink)
Thanks to you all for your tips. Mayhaws tip about the containers of water in the freezer kept my frozen things nice & frozen & my fridge nice & cold. Did okay, just lost my electricity for 24 hours, no major damage to my place, lots around me though.
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RE: Storm Foods 2003/09/20 00:56:27 (permalink)
I'm glad to hear you came out of it alright. I was watching the news and worried about some of you guys!
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RE: Storm Foods 2003/10/29 21:29:30 (permalink)
Originally posted by shaynas_mom

We were down in Tilghman Island, Maryland, last week, and on the night of our arrival, we had an electrical storm that knocked out power. . . . The owner of the apartment said that the week before, they had lost electricity for 8 hours, and that if a high power line gets hit by lightning, the workers have to come from Salisbury, which is over 2 hours away, to fix it. It was pretty much rural where we were.

Goodness! Tilghman Island is the end of the earth! Well, arguably the little hamlet of Fairbank at the south end of Tilghman Island is the very end of the earth. Good fresh seafood, though. Straight off the dock.

We were without power for three days after Isabel, but we, too, are campers. In fact, not only did we have the big propane stove (basically this guy here: but also a small butane burner, which we used for heating canned food and leftovers, and water for tea. The only issue we have with power outages is water. We're on a well. No electricity, no water. Fortunately we were able to prepare for the storm, and filled the big cooler with ice and fill big buckets (and the ol' Turkey Fryer Pot) with water for dishwashing and flushing. So we were fine. But the day after the storm? Not a cube of ice to be found in all of Maryland. lol
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