Subway Breakfast Sandwiches

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Re:Subway Breakfast Sandwiches 2010/04/22 12:15:19 (permalink)
I again found myself in front of a Subway this morning, in a different part of town. I still had some nagging questions about that omelet and who they get their muffins from. Last night, I looked at the nuitrition information for Subway's line of new breakfast sandwiches and the cholesterol figures were too low for pure scrambled eggs. I began to suspect what Don in Miami posted about a few hours ago (just about the time I was in this morning's Subway.)

I was going to try the 6" sub sandwich with coffee, but the price quoted to me with the 16 ounce cup of coffee was $4.49 plus tax. So, I again ordered the Double Bacon, Egg and Cheese combo on the light wheat English muffin from a friendly "Sandwich Artist (R)" this time. He did not try to upsell me. First, he pulled out the light wheat muffin from a plastic bag like what they overwrap Tombstone pizzas with. No names on the bag. Obviously defrosted. Then, he cut one of the "omelets" into four slices again. My eye is not that good, but it is between 6 and 7 inches in diameter. The sandwich was again prepared on a piece of white deli paper. He put just two of the slices of "omelet" on the muffin, along with two pieces of their microwave bacon and just one piece (half-slice wedge) of American cheese. He heated it in that "melt" oven they have. This store does not have baskets, so the sandwich was wrapped in the deli paper with an additional paper overap, insuring the sandwich would get steamed but stay hot. The coffee was served to me with Coffee Mate portion control containers. I did get it for the advertised price of $2.50 plus tax.

I pulled out a piece of the "omelet" to examine. It was too light and fluffy to be 100% egg. Subway does not tell you what is in it. I did look in a supermarket later to see what was in their frozen scrambled egg breakfast items. I echo the sentiments of Don and 6star.

So, I've concluded that this is a "diet" version of eggs, bacon, and cheese on an English muffin. That probably accounts for part of the negative comments from people who were expecting what you would get in a Roadfood diner.

Again over a 40 minute period, there were a total of 3 people who ordered breakfast and eight who ordered lunch sandwiches. One woman ordered the breakfast sandwich on flatbread (again from a plastic bag and obviously defrosted.) The "omelet" was the first item placed in the flatbread, and just slightly hung out over of the edges. That is the reason they use this size.

So, Subway's breakfasts are made with reduced calorie/fat/cholesterol eggs and everything but sub bread comes in from a factory to be reheated.
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Re:Subway Breakfast Sandwiches 2010/04/22 12:24:42 (permalink)

And I am sure I can trust all the help at all of the Subways (or any other place that uses them) to throw in the garbage any of these "egg patties" if they have been stored frozen more than 6 months since manufacture or stored more than 3 days since thawing. (Just like I trust all those Nigerians who keep wanting to give me money!)

Actually, that's probably really safe.  Although I suppose like anything else it depends on the staff (and how big your health department's teeth are), they risk getting a negative rating if they serve outdated food.  Which can lead to losing their franchise and/or business license.  Most places around here are pretty darn good about getting rid of food past its date.
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Re:Subway Breakfast Sandwiches 2010/04/22 14:27:08 (permalink)
Michael Hoffman


Breakfast was horrible but love the seafoods sub!!

Since when does Subway have a seafood sub? I can't find one on their menu.

They used to have a seafood sub, made with surimi/crab aka "krab" salad (this is not a put-down. I'm allergic to crab, but have no problem with surimi, so I use it myself). Haven't seen it in several years, though.

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Re:Subway Breakfast Sandwiches 2010/04/22 15:57:34 (permalink)
that must be recent, per the "no seafood salad" anymore - it wasn't THAT long ago we had one. Maybe a year and a half ago?

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Re:Subway Breakfast Sandwiches 2010/05/08 06:02:18 (permalink)
I tried the breakfast sub.  Somehow the combination of toasted sub bread and pre-prepared eggs and cheese didn't work for me. 

Yes, Subway (the corporation) has had breakfast offerings for some time.  Most franchisees were not interested.  They did not offer the items and did not open early for breakfast.  Now Subway (the corporation) has forced them to serve breakfast and some of them are not happy about this.  Add to that, the Subways in my area now open up at 7am (Mikey D starts serving breakfast at 5am), so they've already missed half of any potential breakfast trade.  So, the Subway people I've talked to tell me business is slow so far.

I don't know exactly how Subway makes their scrambled eggs without a grill.  Wawa deli counters get some sort of egg-glop in a seal-a-meal type plastic bags which they heat up (in the same counter dishes used later in the day for soups and chili); heating turns the glop into passable scrambled eggs (which Wawa starts serving around 5am).

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Re:Subway Breakfast Sandwiches 2010/05/08 15:50:05 (permalink)
Michael, there are some guesses as to how Subway makes their 'omelets' on page one of this thread.
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Re:Subway Breakfast Sandwiches 2010/05/09 09:54:53 (permalink)
Love Them but love Burger King Double Crossant- no egg
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Re:Subway Breakfast Sandwiches 2010/05/09 14:44:37 (permalink)
I just can't bring myself to try one of the breakfast sandwiches.  The "egg" reminds me of a pillow.

Burger King seems to have the same type of pillow egg.
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