Super Scallops

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RE: Super Scallops 2005/05/01 11:21:55 (permalink)
I had some soaked scallops yesterday. As has been mentioned in this thread, some dealers "soak" scallops to make them last longer, look better, and to make them weigh more. There are usually limits as to how musch water they will hold, especially if the product is not frozen. I cooked a 2 lb bag of frozen Chinese bay scallops yesterday that cooked down to 2 small servings.
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RE: Super Scallops 2005/05/17 11:34:51 (permalink)
scallops can increase in weight by as much as 25-30%. That adds up to a considerable amount of money for the fishmonger. Unfortunatly this water comes out in the cooking process. As we all know water adds no flavor and just ends up ruining a good meal. The funny thing is these "wet" scallops are not priced 25-30% cheaper. Right now there are no federal standards. It is only a matter of time befor the seafood industry will be required to be held at the same standards as the meat business. I have had customers send back scallops because the have an orange hue to them. And they never believe me that those are the best to eat.
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RE: Super Scallops 2005/05/19 20:18:18 (permalink)
The description of those lightly battered, large scallops makes me wish we had them here in KY. They have scallops at Kroger's sometimes but they're those marble sized, hard tough things. Nothing beats a perfectly fried or sauteed fat juicy scallop!

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RE: Super Scallops 2005/05/22 19:34:42 (permalink)
Last Friday I got 6 sea scallops at Stop & Shop and did a little 'shake and bake' in a plastic bag with some Wondra flour, garlic powder, sea salt and a bit of Hungarian sweet paprika for a golden color. The sea scallops were about the size of 1 inch thick slices of banana and were sweet as could be. I pan fried them in an eight inch skillet in peanut oil with a bit of butter until golden brown on each side and had them with some red chard cooked for about 15 minutes in olive oil, garlic, white wine, a dash sea salt and a squeeze of lemon juice just before serving. It turned into a great meal that cost around $5 and took about 20 minutes to get ready. I will be doing that one again soon and thanks for bringing up the topic.

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RE: Super Scallops 2005/05/22 19:43:11 (permalink)
HungryChris, that sounds like a wondrous dinner. Thanks for whetting my appetite for scallops.
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RE: Super Scallops 2005/06/11 22:52:29 (permalink)
Pappy and I both love scallops of any kind and so far have not found any method of cooking to have been a bad experience. While we were in Nova Scotia, we were fortunate enough to eat some in Digby also, although I cannot recall the name of the place. There is another place we found in Nova Scotia that bears mentioning. It is the "Corner Cafe" and is located in Pope's Harbour. The proprietor is a wonderful and funny lady and will treat you like family. Her husband is a lobster fisherman, so prepare yourself to have some of the finest lobster dishes in the Province.

Mrs. Pappy
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