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RE: Tamales 2007/11/08 13:52:49 (permalink)
Funny thing is I went to Fat Mama's Tamales about 8 years ago.
They were recommended in my "Let's Go USA" book. Which was my "bible" post college and which I have continued to refer to on occasion for the last 20 years.

I remember ordering the Tamales, "Knock You Naked" Margherita, and the Peanut Butter Pie. There was only one restaurant back then, now it appears there are two. It wasn't bad if I recall
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RE: Tamales 2007/11/12 21:14:49 (permalink)
I love tamales and reading this made me hungry for some so I googled tamales in the NOVA area and read good things about Teocalli Tamale so I stopped by and bought three of their pork and three cheese. I must say that these things are HUGE! I ate one pork and although the filling was excellent, I was disappointed with the tamale overall as it was very dry. I froze the rest and haven't tried the cheese ones yet.

The best tamales I've ever had were from Doris' Hot Tamales in D'iberville, MS. It's a little stand in the middle of an old neighborhood just over the bridge north of the Imperial Palace Casino. It's been there for over 50 years and I was thrilled to see they reopened after the storm. When I go down there this year, I'm going to bring back at least five dozen!
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RE: Tamales 2008/02/18 14:32:07 (permalink)
Twin, did you see my comment back on page one about La popular. Have you tried the jalapeno beef? I do love their fresh made hot sauce. And, have you, or anyone, tried the tamales at Fiesta crocery, just down the street? I love the tacos from their deli, not the stand inside. Maybe their tamales are good to?

Allota questions I know.
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RE: Tamales 2008/02/18 15:01:48 (permalink)
Picked up an Emril cook book at a thrift store(worth a buck). He had his kicked up atmale' receipe in it.
Hmmmm! Ok how can we snazz these up? He mixes the seasoned meat and onions it with thetamale' dough and rolls it in the corn husk. Sounds like latino scrapple!
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RE: Tamales 2008/02/19 10:30:16 (permalink)
I love tamales and the ladies at my church are making them in early April and I will attend so I can learn how to make them.
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