Tap water

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2008/03/13 12:35:45 (permalink)

Tap water

It has been said that NYC has some of the best tap water in the US. It has even been bottled and sold. Apparently it comes from reserviors in the Catskills (Askoham or similar name).

What is the tap water like where you are? Any esp. good ones?

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    RE: Tap water 2008/03/13 12:47:42 (permalink)
    Best tap water I've had came from a well at my buddies house. She lives in Morley, and Ice Mountain steals their water a few miles north of her.
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    RE: Tap water 2008/03/13 13:29:56 (permalink)
    tap water is not so good here (DC) - contains lots of contaminants. a recent report says we have prescription drugs in our drinking water! I sorely miss my Upstate, NY tap water.
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    RE: Tap water 2008/03/13 13:40:50 (permalink)
    I completely believe the above posts, but oddly, when I've stayed in Phonecia, N.Y., right near the Ashokan reservoir, the tap water absolutely stunk to high heaven of rotten eggs (it was actually sulphur). Could that have been from a well?
    Incidentally, that was way back around 1972 or so.....my bro and I would get a cottage for $6 a night, complete with a screened-in porch, on the Esopus Creek. All our time was spent eating great food and pickin' guitars on that porch, as well as hiking through the mountainside. Great memories.
    I'll never forget that stinkin' water!
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    RE: Tap water 2008/03/13 14:17:12 (permalink)
    I'll only drink bottled water, ours smells and tastes like a backyard swimming pool.
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    RE: Tap water 2008/03/13 15:36:45 (permalink)
    My water comes from beautifull Lake Tawakoni. I have been drinking it for many years. I claim it is the fish PP that makes it so healthy. My doctor says that, with my age, and bad habbits, he cannot beleive I am as healthy as I am. I only recently got a filter for the water that comes out of the fridge. My sweety drinks that water. I drink it streight from the tap. I worry that the filter might be filtering out some of the magic potents from the lake water.

    Oh, Russ, then again, it could be the J T S Brown? :~)
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    RE: Tap water 2008/03/13 17:15:23 (permalink)
    Our little municipality of 1500 people gets its water from a well drilled deep into the aquifers way below Lake Minnetonka. I believe over 400 ft. It is pretty good. I drink it straight from the tap.
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