Tastykake in New York?

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RE: Tastykake in New York? 2008/12/08 20:36:21 (permalink)
Originally posted by Optimus

Aw Tastykakes!!! Use to eat those when I lived in Maryland. California doesn't have Tastykake or Utz. I'm deprived out here. I've been tempted to go to Tastykake website and get some shipped to me.

Hey Optimus,

I'm from Baltimore but live in Long Beach, CA. You can find limited Tasty Kakes at "Philly Grille" or "Philly's Best" sub shops if they are in your area. I just wish they had the Tasty Klair pies...yum, yum, yum. My childhood favorite. There are no chips like UTZ!
Ort. Carlton.
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RE: Tastykake in New York? 2008/12/09 00:27:00 (permalink)
Last night, I bought a box of Tastykake cupcakes with crumbly things on top and creme filling. I tasted them and they were SUPERB!... Not too sweet, like Little Debbies always seem to be.
The folks at Allen's Hamburgers were ecstatic as well... a universal "thumbs up."
I would trust anything that bears their label, and am awfully glad to have them here in Amazing Athens, Georgia.
Chompingly, Ort. Carlton in 30601-Land.
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RE: Tastykake in New York? 2008/12/09 03:10:43 (permalink)
Tastykakes can be found in Tacoma, WA at DelBrocco's East Coast Philly Style Pizza, Cheesesteaks and Hoagies.

3908 6th Avenue #B
@ Proctor

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RE: Tastykake in New York? 2008/12/09 04:17:13 (permalink)
Originally posted by pitbull65
[ There are no chips like UTZ!

On a recent Utz factory tour and visit to their outlet store:
I found they have a mail order catalog and also sell via the net:

The products in the factory store were fresh and had really-long expiration dates. Locally, the 4 ounce bags of chips are sold at Dollar Tree and at 99 cent stores so you pay a premium for shipping, but its a treat!
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RE: Tastykake in New York? 2008/12/11 13:47:54 (permalink)
I just saw a limited edition or special edition or whatever they call it, individual serving Tastykake Cheesecake Pie, at my local Quick Chek. MMMM...thought about it, but decided against it.

I am getting a cold, so no reason to eat anything that tastes very good right now, and has almost 30 grams of fat, per serving. I will wait.
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