Tempura/beer batter???

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2008/08/17 17:21:32 (permalink)

Tempura/beer batter???

I had posted this on a log entry and cant find it.

Has anyone ever made a batter fried salmon? my wife brought it up an I thought it sounded terrible. I would think that the meat would be so rich and heavy that it would overpower itself.
Anyone tried this while playing midnite chef?

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    RE: Tempura/beer batter??? 2008/08/17 18:57:19 (permalink)
    This is too weird. My Dad brought this up a few days ago when we got talking about fried chicken. The first fish that he ever had deep fried was a box of salmon pieces in the early 50's. I'm guessing it was tempura because he likened the puffy batter to that on shrimp that he gets in a Chinese restaurant. Apparently deep frying fish must had been very rare at the time and the guys that he was working with made a point to see the cook and inquire about it. The cook told them it was deep fried with a coating of pancake mix. From what he showed me with his fingers, the pieces must have been about 3" or so. I was thinking about trying this on day when salmon is on sale. For starters, mixing some cornstarch with pancake mix and some beer to make a slurry would be a start.
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    RE: Tempura/beer batter??? 2008/08/23 01:18:10 (permalink)
    The only type of recipes I know for salmon by method of frying, would be salmon croquettes. All of the recipes I have seen for salmon croquettes, call for canned salmon. I do not know if fresh salmon would hold texture, if fried.
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    RE: Tempura/beer batter??? 2008/08/23 03:15:51 (permalink)
    Isn't salmon to oily to fry?
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    RE: Tempura/beer batter??? 2008/08/23 10:02:09 (permalink)
    Must not be too tough to do, there are deep fried salmon fish and chips all over around my area.
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    RE: Tempura/beer batter??? 2008/09/02 14:16:36 (permalink)
    Deep Fried Salmon Chips
    A very great and tasty way to cook salmon:) I love making this anytime I get my hands on salmon:) I am sure you will all enjoy it as well:)
    by Chef Otaktay
    1½ hours | 20 min prep
    SERVES 4 -6
    4 eggs, wash for dipping
    2 tablespoons season salt or lemon salt
    4 cups flour
    6 lbs salmon
    2 tablespoons sweet basil
    1 tablespoon black pepper
    First fillet salmon, and then skin salmon very carefully, with a sharp fillet knife, trim salmon, with no bones attached.
    When fillet is done, slice salmon into thin strip width lenght not tail to head length.
    Mix all dry ingredients togther.
    mix all eggs into a bowl, scramble
    take strips of salmon, dip into the flour mixture first then into the egg wash and then back into the flour mixture.
    then carefully use a home deep fryer and cook until golden brown color, serve with homemade fries and lemons.
    various dry herbs can be used to your liking, this is just a beginning of what you can use for the flour mixtures.

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    RE: Tempura/beer batter??? 2008/09/02 14:30:04 (permalink)
    I've had breaded deep fried salmon a few times, never liked it very much. I much prefer a fillet/steak grilled rare.

    I don't like my salmon cooked to the point of being flakey. I like it on the much more rare, med-rare side that retains the moisture better. Of course, it has to be a nice fresh piece that can shine like that.
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