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Re:Texas Corn Roaster, pros and cons and advice needed 2010/05/31 21:04:00 (permalink)
Sorry for the delay I've been out earning the hay!!! Cleanup was simple the inside slides out and you spray it down. I bought mine used and sold it after a few events. I simply couldn't turn the dollars from the corn roaster like I could from my normal menu. Good Luck  
ice cream man 99

hahaha! funny responses! pal from Wisc. insists i can simply roast the corn as in your photo...BUT it's yuppie-ville here and they want the look n see of a fancy it'll be snowing a LOT of the time (yup we're tough as nails here too, in the high sierras) and that Texas Corn Roaster is cranking away at a nearby resort...snow storms and all and the yuppies buy the hot roasted corn allll day Wisc. pal says i ought to try and roast a few for display....let 'em think i am using a small gas powered bbq and if the HD has an issue, i will explain to the food cop, "it is for looks only"...especially if the HD requires daily cleaning of a roaster and or machine to keep clean as a whistle, since it's "california-we-hate-small-business-land" will be quite enough thank you! liked the holstein? i do too, but wow the price was super high! perhaps if i expand to a 2nd machine, i can swing the cost, but for now i had planned to follow the lead of the successful corn roaster at a nearby resort.....he uses a texas roaster. i'll re-visit the holstein company website, just to be safe n sure!

i am curious, was the clean up easy enough on the holstein? and the maintenance?
i'll have to take a 2nd look see and call the company for more info.

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Re:Texas Corn Roaster, pros and cons and advice needed 2010/06/03 10:26:25 (permalink)
I would tend to think you would do best at spring and fall festival and events with a corn roaster. Since you are wanting to set up by a resort then it might work. Good luck
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Re:Texas Corn Roaster, pros and cons and advice needed 2010/06/27 06:04:34 (permalink)
Hello gang, sheesh....I have been busy doing other stuff and didn't realize I had more advice thrown my way!

Howdy ICM! I'm still working on changing my name  (or figuring out HOW to change my name ICM....I'll get 'er done eventually...out of respect etc) you are a hoot! I'm not a fancy panted yup....hahaha....but MOST of the tourists in my area are...I cannot help that. 

I am attracted to this Texas Corn Roaster gig because I watched one in action in my area do very well...and by the way thank you for continuing to throw info my way! Even if some of it was a bit off the wall....I'm NOT going to go Mexicano style...this ain't LA and I'm not from Mexico...hahaha...
Anyhow, the roaster also does sweet potatoes and baked potatoes in addition to corn and a few other things...(god, I can't wait for the additional recipes now bb...lmao)

 I've read different stuff does well in different parts of the country (Canada included!) if Californians like fresh roasted corn then more power to them...maybe your roaster wasn't worth sticking with because the people in your region just don't want it like they do here? Maybe the fresh roasted corn does well in my area because it simply appeals to the customer base here...all I know is I saw this thing do very well on several different occaisions and my pals who work next door to him told me he does very well...(secretly I like those hillbilly/bologna burgers and such myself..shoosh don't tell the yuppies) all I know is we are surrounded by "health nuts, rich hippies, jocks and granolas" and now you've gone and made me second guess the feasibility of my hopes! Yea, yea I know I could roast without a fancy machine but the yup yups and the snow storms seem to command this purchase of a fancy machine...and ICM...I can relate to your pleasure that you musta done something right because you're shop is super busy...was it luck? or the nice bright and clean colors of your place? Who knows, maybe location on a scenic road? I hope I nail it myself...I could flop but I hope I'm on the right track!

billyb, I don't think my HD will allow me to roast corn ears on an open grill and I think the winter snow storms will prevent me from cooking through the flurries either is a ski area resort afterall and outdoors....that's why I got the idea in my head to try this Texas Corn Roaster gig...that and the fact thatthe other guy doing well (it's a tight knit community and I've lived here most of my life, someone told me his net $ figures, they'll work for me)  I think people just like the "show" and the look and feel of a fancy 10k (not 5k unless I can locate a used one nearby) roaster at work....who knows why the one roaster I've seen so far is cranking out a decent living...I'm not sure exactly myself but when I saw it I wanted some fresh roasted corn right away....and I bought three in a row! Maybe something about hot roasted corn on a cold winter day appealed to me and all the other people lined up? The guy doing it hit on something and I want to try also....yea it sucks that the roaster costs so dang much but it seemed to be appropriate for the situation.

Also, a very good point but I do think I can get decent corn year round out here...the ears are smaller in winter but I've found some corn roasters online who've been kind enough to answer a few questions. I need to make more phone calls and find out how much fresh ears of corn will run in winter and where to get the best and make sure I can get a steady stream of it....I know we have a few food distributors in our area and if one corn roaster is already aquiring corn through winter I am hopeful I can do the same. 

 Apparently if you soak the ears for 20 mins they get/stay plump and small ears can be cut off and served in a cup to some customers...I was told that's a good way to deal with those pesky small winter ears I'll get stuck with, of course.

Everyone, I do appreciate honest, professional advice...even when it does cover the pros and cons (shoot, I think that's what I asked for..the pros and cons) that being said keep 'em coming but try to be a little bit encouraging if possible and realize my region is, for whatever reason, supporting a lone roaster quite nicely and I think there's room for one more.

BTW, after looking into the start up of this gig I think I may take it slower and do some events next summer and work on a plan to get into a resort by the following winter...then back to summer events or a good permenant spot. California is costly to do small biz in, especially in my is discouraging but I'm willing to try like h*ll.
I can always sell the thing, buy a jet ski with the dough and ride ride ride until the bankerman comes and takes away my house!

billyb, I noticed you managed restaurants for many years, impressive! I had a terrific snowmobile accident a few years ago which prevents me from doing that for a living and also bartender, waiter, prep cook, maitre'd and manager and on and on...30 years of that and I miss it....I can't manage to work on the clock full time without constant here I go trying to open my own gig!

Thankfully, there are a lot of college kids looking for work every ski season who've already told me they'll work it with me (lifting is my biggest concern) and one of the corn roasters I spoke to on the phone told me he has the same issue and hiring one or two people solved that problem for him...I'm still plugging away at this plan and I have my food handling license class in July!

Wish me luck gents! I'll be back! And many, many sincere thanks for the pros and cons...

ps billyb, go easy on me will ya'?! I'm tryin' to do the work! and btw, I'm being told more and more by corn roasters I've found and asked advice from that the Texas Corn Roaster is the one they prefer. grrrrrrrrrrrr.....
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Re:Texas Corn Roaster, pros and cons and advice needed 2010/06/27 06:38:54 (permalink)
PPS  dr of BBQ gracias for the good advice on the washer....also, i would prefer to simply roast the corn on a grill but i think the fancy roaster will protect me and the food from snow and wind and coooooold it's how the other guy is doin' it and i think the tourists just like the look of a fancy machine.

prok chop express, thanks for mentioning the holstein...i mistook you for billyb but just realized you sent the holstein info....i hate tough decisions but so far 8 out of ten active corn roasters prefer the texas corn roaster...

billyb, sorry for the confusion about which brand of roaster to buy...if at all...hahaha...i won't go Mexico style...the HD probably would deport me, eh?
oh and I BOW to all are gods and feared...

everyone else, thanks again and any advice is greatly appreciated of course!
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Re:Texas Corn Roaster, pros and cons and advice needed 2010/06/27 17:10:21 (permalink)
Hey ICM99, Looks like your getting the info you need, I hope it all works out well. I just wanted to give you a few things to think about. I'm not the kind of guy to blow smoke up you shorts, I try to help you keep the family jewels from burning...............Good luck..........Billyb
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Re:Texas Corn Roaster, pros and cons and advice needed 2011/05/19 20:05:37 (permalink)
I am one of the owners of Shucks and Shells Roasted Corn in NC. You can look us up on Facebook. We have a roaster and business for sale. I would be happy to help you with any questions you have. You can get our email address or phone number from our business card on Facebook.
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Re:Texas Corn Roaster, pros and cons and advice needed 2011/09/29 18:08:52 (permalink)
We're purchasing a corn roaster from Texas Corn Roaster in about 30 days...I'm very happy with the deal, the options and the time he spent going over the options & shipping details to Southern California.
After "making the rounds" with other companies, we're confident they are the most appropriate choice for us.
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Re:Texas Corn Roaster, pros and cons and advice needed 2011/09/30 02:17:46 (permalink)
Does anyone know if you can roast NM Chiles in a corn roaster?
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