Thanks All

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2004/10/24 21:02:06 (permalink)

Thanks All

RibDog, Kristi S., seafarer john, garykg6

Just got back from a four day trip to the St. Pete/Tampa area.

I would just like to say how valuable this site is through your contributions. We would have never eaten in some of the places unless they were mentioned by you all.

The Mid-Peninsula Seafood Market is case in point. With all the beach places to eat, we would never have found this place. And it was a find. Not only good food but a sense of comraderie shared with the extremely friendly people working there. We ate their twice. I mentioned this site to Don (a real cordial sort behind the counter)and he said he wasn't the computer person and wasn't too sure of the site, but he knew of RibDog. The second visit he told me his wife was well aware of The sweet tea was just about the best I've tasted and the fried shrimp was outstanding.

Dockside Daves, Little Italy Pizza, Jimbos in Tampa, Biff Burger and Havana Cafe, (best black beans and rice I've ever had) and Ted Peters. Great road food places.

Thanks for sharing. It made the trip that much better.


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    RE: Thanks All 2004/10/25 00:51:59 (permalink)
    I second that THANKS ALL! I've had the same luck of driving down the road and seeing a sign that rings a bell from reading the forums... I'd still be eating 33 grams of fat driving down the road if it wasnt for this site! Thanks Everyone!
    Kristi S.
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    RE: Thanks All 2004/10/25 09:17:39 (permalink)
    Hi Riblet, glad you had fun! I've lived here x-number of years and still can't believe how cheap inexpensive and good Little Italy's pizza is. Let us know when you come back next time and we'll suggest new places.
    carlton pierre
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    RE: Thanks All 2004/10/31 21:02:25 (permalink)
    This is what I love about this site!!!

    carl reitz
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    RE: Thanks All 2004/11/01 00:00:49 (permalink)
    We would have never even had FOUND Dreamland in Birmingham if had not been for Roadfood! What do us Alaskans know about BBQ? Best ribs we ever ate!
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    RE: Thanks All 2004/11/02 20:03:13 (permalink)
    You are very welcome Riblet. Having a memorable meal or eating experience when you are in an unknown location always makes for a better time all around. I was just down on MPS last Friday and had a fried snapper sandwich that was out of this world. I know, it wasn't grouper. But Joan, the wife and owner, told me the snapper was especially good that day. And she was right.

    Glad all of us could help you. We want you to feel you at home when you come to our town!

    carlton pierre
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    RE: Thanks All 2004/12/05 00:55:00 (permalink)
    I'm going to Tampa next week so I'll see if I can find some of the places mentioned above. I'm definitely going to Skipper's Smokehouse on Tuesday night, for some seafood and live music.
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