Thanksgiving "Tell Us" game

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2003/11/10 19:42:43 (permalink)

Thanksgiving "Tell Us" game

For Thanksgiving, we usually go to my aunt & uncle’s house. They never had any children but had many nieces and nephews on both sides of their families. It’s great to go there and many of the N & N invite their parents or in-laws so we generally have between 25-40 people.

A few years ago, my cousin Jodi came up with an idea called the “Tell Us” game. After dinner, she passed around a box with slips of paper in it saying “Tell us about.....”. The rule was that if you didn’t like it or it didn’t apply to you, you could pick up to three choices but you weren’t obligated to participate. Then we went around the room, hearing the stories from old and young alike (age 12 or older).

I was astonished to hear about how a teacher ripped my mother’s blouse off in class because of sloppy buttonholes on the “Tell us about a teacher you didn’t like” one. And I was ashamed to hear an elderly cousin tell about how he couldn’t get a job unless he first showed his voter registration card for a political party on the “Tell us about a time you were sad to be an American” one.

This game has really enhanced our holiday and helped us to learn a lot about each other. You’re welcome to try it after your Thanksgiving dinner.

We repeat some of the same ones every year like “Tell us about your best summer vacation” or “Tell us about a really bad storm you experienced” but we always try to add some new ones. What would be your suggestions for “Tell us about” topics?


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    RE: Thanksgiving "Tell Us" game 2003/11/10 22:51:17 (permalink)
    Wow, Ruby, what a great topic! I love the idea. Since my Dad is getting older, he's been telling me stories he's never told before -- what it was like in Pearl Harbor, stuff he just didn't want to talk about when he was young. And I love these stories!

    How about
    "something that happened that was sad but turned out good"

    -- or "the first person you fell in love with, and why did or didn't it turn out"

    -- or, "the first pet you ever had" (in my family, it would be chickens and goats)

    -- or how about "the first time you knew you were good at something"

    -- "the best Christmas gift you ever gave or received"

    -- "the worst thing that ever embarrassed you"

    -- "the best book you ever read, and why it caught your imagination"

    -- "what was the meanest thing ever done to you (or the meanest thing you'vbe ever done)"

    -- "what was the nicest outfit you ever wore, and why did you love it so much?" (I expect this will work for women best)

    Thank you so much for starting this topic, Ruby! You have my imagination going.....

    Oh, and maybe one for myself -- "when was the last time you left your bra in a limo, and why?"
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    RE: Thanksgiving "Tell Us" game 2003/11/10 23:27:50 (permalink)
    At our large family gatherings, there were so many blow hards that no one needed prompting to tell a Story or two. You had to really try hard to get in there and tell your own story. Please don't get me wrong, I would give every cent I have to be in that room with everone again. Good Times!.......
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    RE: Thanksgiving "Tell Us" game 2003/11/10 23:43:52 (permalink)
    To keep it food-centric, how about

    "what's the worst meal you ever had?"

    "what's the best meal you ever had?"
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    RE: Thanksgiving "Tell Us" game 2003/11/11 04:07:08 (permalink)
    I can always liven up a dull conversation with, "Tell us the weirdest dream you ever had" and "Tell us if you've ever seen a ghost".
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