The BBQ Contest

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2007/11/20 15:03:13 (permalink)

The BBQ Contest

I know there's a "Jack Daniel's Invitational" but is there one be-all/end-all contest
that says who has the best BBQ in the world ?


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    RE: The BBQ Contest 2007/11/20 15:18:44 (permalink)
    Many give that title to the Memphis in May barbecue contest. It was the largest contest in the country at one time. Not sure if that still stands.
    mayor al
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    RE: The BBQ Contest 2007/11/20 16:58:45 (permalink)
    The two that get the media attention and the 'strongest competition' at Memphis In May, that Susan described, and the Kansas City BBQ Society Royal Competition. There are tons of others, and some may claim to be bigger, tougher, etc etc, but these two are the crown jewels and each has a following that claim the "Title" of Biggest and Best.
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    RE: The BBQ Contest 2007/11/20 17:18:51 (permalink)
    Memphis in May and The American Royal BBQ Cook-Off (which Al referred to above as the "Kansas City BBQ Society Royal Competition" both claim "World's Largest" status. In one way or another they're both right.

    Memphis in May covers the most square footage and The American Royal BBQ Cook-Off has the most contestants. So depending on whether you define "World's Largest" based on physical area or the number of contestants involved, that will determine who's the biggest. Me personally, I go with the number of contestants.

    None of this should take away from the legitimacy of either of these contests. Both of them, along with the Jack Daniels competition are highly regarded by the Barbecue competition community, and almost anyone you talk to in that community would consider them to be the "Big Three".

    As for the declaration of a "be-all/ BBQ in the world", none of these competitions has that designation. I'm pretty sure KCBS contestants have their points totaled up at the end of the cook-off season much the same way NASCAR drivers do. No one competition will get you any grand titles. The more contests you enter and the more categories you win, the better your reputation on the circuit.

    As for an actual "Best in the World" or similar title, I don't think one actually exists, even for the guy with the most points. Even winning all three of the above named competitions will not get you that title as they are all sanctioned by different governing boards.

    That's all I've got in my limited information bag. Hope that helps.

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    RE: The BBQ Contest 2007/11/20 18:07:04 (permalink)
    I was in Houston this year and they also claim to be the largest. I am an outsider and I have no dog in this fight. I know it was huge and covered many acres of land but I have no idea of how they rate or even if they rate at all????

    I know that I could smell it from my hotel at the Residence Inn in the medical center.

    Regardless, the BBQ competition is lotsa fun for all.

    Paul E. Smith
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    RE: The BBQ Contest 2007/11/20 18:53:37 (permalink)
    yes there is.
    september 12-14 2008 there is the world barbecue championships.
    this year it is held in brussel-steenhuffle,belgien.
    the sanctioning body is;
    world barbecue association
    this info is from the november issue of the national barbecue news
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    RE: The BBQ Contest 2007/11/22 07:42:06 (permalink)
    As a regular competitor on the bbq scene, 35 comps this year with 1 more to go, The Jack, MIM and the American Royal invitational, not the open, are regarded as the top three. Those of us cooking every weekend are always jockeying for points and bragging rights. I don't believe that there is there is one best overall cook. From weekend to weekend we hit the road and work our magic, you might hit well and then get hammered the next time. As we are being judged by different people every week and all though most judges have to be certified to even judge at all, we will never get around the fact that PEOPLE have different tastes.
    I love BBQ and have eaten quite the variety. There is some bad out there but mainly just the vast difference of recipes. As far as a "world cook off" there is not onw. The one prisonchef mentioned is just a sanctiong body in Europe, no different from any of the ones here in the US.
    The best thing for you to do is to just enjoy the bbq that you like and try to get to any of the comps in your area to sample the food.

    Team Bub-Ba-Q and restaurant
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