The Best Condiments

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RE: The Best Condiments 2006/02/13 16:11:11 (permalink)
'literally give me ****'.
Sheesh, did they at least put it in a bag for you?
Try Sara Lee's honey mustard. Very good.
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RE: The Best Condiments 2006/02/13 18:54:13 (permalink)
Originally posted by UncleVic

Originally posted by roossy90

I noticed on the web site, they want $6.99 for a bottle, I get them at the local Christmas Tree Shops for $2.99. I am going to stock up on them before leaving Maine.

Wow, I thought all them Christmas Tree places where gone for the year a couple months ago... Huh... Must have something good going on there in Maine!

I have also seen them in Massachusetts..
I love that store. I cant go in and buy just one thing.
They have such a good selection of miscellaneous Bull****, and I get lost in there.
In fact, that is the only place I can buy my Portuguese Muffins, Bolo Levados is there.
Its 25 miles away and I usually buy 5 packages. I am good for a 6 pack a week of those sweet muffins.
But, I just found out that they are also popular in SC, and am sure I can find them there.
I also got an email back from a online shop who said that their most popular places to ship them is NC and SC..
But I dont know why they call them Christmas Tree shops, Its more like an upscale big lots IMO.
With many more items available.
Not just Christmas items...
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RE: The Best Condiments 2006/02/14 11:46:55 (permalink)
Christmas Tree Shops is (I believe, still) a New England phenomenon. Sort of a prettied-up job lot, many are in areas frequented by tourists and have a "theme" (like a windmill store and a Cape Cod Village store). Often beloved by women and dreaded by men, they focus on household decorative items (tchotchkes) but occasionally offer a cigar humidor or power tool for the guys. Some okay housewares (once got a Peugeot pepper mill there for about 7 bucks) and a decent "gourmet" food section which moves and is usually quite fresh.

Closest thing I've seen nationally is Cost Plus/World Markets, at least the one where I buy wine when I'm in San Francisco. Christmas Tree merchandise will lean more toward the "olde Yankee" style and they don't sell wine.

But they sell my all-time favorite condiment, Grandmothers Sweet Pepper Relish.
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RE: The Best Condiments 2006/02/14 12:21:17 (permalink)
Originally posted by Poopy

Originally posted by Pwingsx

sweat and sour?


oops, I meant Sweet....I have never tried their sweat.
Yeah, keep telling yourself that.

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RE: The Best Condiments 2006/02/14 14:15:06 (permalink)
A condiment worth looking for is McCormick's Mayonesa which is nothing but Mexican mayonnaise made with lime juice instead of lemon, in fact the product is a light lime green color. Taste and texture are excellent. Little pricey at about 3.50 for a 28 ounce jar, but the taste is worth it. Made in Mexico. Check the Mexican/Ethnic section of your grocery. I get it at Kroger.
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RE: The Best Condiments 2006/02/24 12:47:16 (permalink)
Originally posted by phatphil

i grew up in skokie illinois and our arbys at first in the early 70s had roasts in a glass case dripping hot and would grab one and slice it in front of you for a sanwich, not any more

1. There was an Arby's in Skokie. when did they close?

2. They had real roast beef?
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RE: The Best Condiments 2006/02/25 17:46:15 (permalink)
Arby's now has some spicy sauce in their condement line up. It's their bbq sauce with a kick.

Mr. Mustard has an awsome sweet and sour mustard.
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RE: The Best Condiments 2006/02/25 17:55:25 (permalink)
it was on skokie blvd in the front parking lot of the bowling alley across from turnstyle/venture target whatever it is now, i know there was a howard johnsons across the street a few blocks south of golf rd.
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