The Garage in Millburn

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2010/04/21 20:40:06 (permalink)

The Garage in Millburn

The area in and around Millburn suffered a big loss when the legendary Syd's luncheonette closed about two years ago. They were known for their excellent hot dogs, which to many were the best in the state. It was a similar loss when Don's in Livingston closed years before. Both places were old fashioned luncheonettes serving great dogs, burgers, sandwiches and ice cream.
If you remember Syd's and Don's, you'll love the Garage. Even if you don't remember them, you'll love the Garage. Located at 257 Essex Street in Millburn, it is owned by Ted and Jimmy Stampoulos, owners of the popular Martini Bar around the corner on Main Street.
The Garage is a former industrial garage converted into a 50's style retro diner. A counter with stools, tables, and a party room upstairs. There is a garage door that opens to a patio for outside seating. A very nice clean family oriented place with a great atmosphere. The Garage offers hot dogs, hamburgers, fries, salads, sandwiches, shakes, malts, ice cream, and desserts. I had a hamburger, hot dog, fries, and shake. Everything was excellent.
They offer 3 dogs here. The Syd's which is a natural casing 5 to a lb all beef frank from Best Provisions, the Don's, a thick quarter pounder, and a "school dog", a smaller 10 to a lb frank. The last two are also from Best's. I had the Syd's dog. There is no better beef dog. It is only served at few places in N.J. Here it is prepared exactly like Syds, which means boiled, then charbroiled. Served on a fresh toasted bun. This is as good a hot dog as you will find anywhere. Tasty and prepared perfectly, it arrived at my table piping hot.
Next was the burger. You have a choice of chargrilled or griddled. I had mine chargrilled and prepared medium rare. It came out that way. Too many places today refuse to cook your burger less than well done. Mine was done right and came with cheese, lettuce and tomato. The burger was so good I put the lettuce and tomato on the side. Juicy and flavorful, this is no ordinary burger. It is 6 ounces of prime beef from Master Purveyors of New York. Peter Lugers gets beef from this place. I was told that the burgers outsell the hot dogs by a 3 to 1 margin which surprised me.
The fries are as good as any I've had. High quality potatoes that are hand cut and twice fried, these fries reminded me of Syd's, Amazing Hot Dog, and the Martini Bar which is high praise. An excellent complement to the dogs and burgers.
I had a vanilla milk shake with my meal that was also excellent and for me a rare treat as I usually get a soda when eating hot dogs and hamburgers. I left full and satisfied.
The Garage is a fun place serving great food. You may pay a little more, but it's worth it. Everything I had is top of the line. This place will be included on the Annual New Jersey Hot Dog Tour in September.

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    Re:The Garage in Millburn 2010/04/21 20:56:45 (permalink)
    As I was reading this I was wondering if it would be included in the tour. Hopefully I make it onto the tour list, I'd really like to try this place, it sounds great. 
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    Re:The Garage in Millburn 2010/04/22 21:55:05 (permalink)
    Hello all ,

    Loved the review John , it would be great to visit this place in Sept on the 7th Annual Jersey Hot Dog Tour .
    Leadbelly , You are on the list and I think you should have no problem getting onboard this yr .
    PM me if you need more info

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    Re:The Garage in Millburn 2010/05/06 22:40:09 (permalink)
    is place open yet?  john ? the town still holding them back? i'm kidding, just wondering if you had made a return trip?
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    Re:The Garage in Millburn 2010/05/07 08:21:11 (permalink)
    No, not yet, but I will soon. It's amazing how long it takes for a place to begin operating. There are always delays and red tape.
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    Re:The Garage in Millburn 2010/05/19 14:06:15 (permalink)
    Been there once.  Close to $50 for lunch for 3, which is pretty pricey. I thought the burgers were good but way to small.  In the words of Clara the Wendy's lady "where's the beef?"  Pretty much the same report from everyone I know who has been there.  If that's what they are saying at the local barber (and they are) than you know it's close to the truth. One of my friends referred to the burgers as "microscopic." I will tell you the fries and O-rings were excellent.
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    Re:The Garage in Millburn 2010/05/31 16:41:32 (permalink)
    I can walk to the Garage, I didn't think the burger was undersized.  Six dollars for a hot dog is a bit much, but a sloppy joe sandwich from the nearby Millburn Deli is more, and they don't seem to lack for customers.
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