The "Greatest Storm"

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RE: The "Greatest Storm" 2006/02/18 03:53:06 (permalink)
Thursday (2/16) we had a weather mix from hell up here in Michigan.
My sister in East Hampton NY reported only 9"s of snow from that Nor'easter..
Here on Thursday in my Neck of the woods, I spent the day under an Ice Storm Warning.. Had 1.48 inches of rain fall with temps at 32 degrees. Luckily at my home, it was enough rain falling to keep any serious damage from happening. 10 miles north of here was a different story... My radio never stopped toneing out fire departments for down wires, trees, electrical fires and cars flipping over. 20 miles north of here had over a foot of snow. Then 50 miles south of here (if even that far) in Kalamazoo had 60 degrees for daytime highs, along with a tornado watch... Oh ya, we had a decent Thunder Snow move thru also... They called it a thundersnow, but it happened during the ice storm... Massive strikes of lightnin all around us..

Here's the lightning loop from our local TV station (

Here's the clip from the TV:
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RE: The "Greatest Storm" 2006/02/18 11:11:01 (permalink)
In the 1950's we would say all this bad weather was the direct result of the atomic bomb testing the US was doing in the Pacific................... today it's the direct result of California's Governor driving his SUV.............
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RE: The "Greatest Storm" 2006/02/18 12:45:07 (permalink)
Frank--I really enjoyed your earlier post in this thread (Bush Fails To Prevent East Coast Blizzard--Minorities Hit Hardest). If we can't laugh at ourselves, then all is lost, as far as I am concerned.

Even though you parodied some people who share some of my political philosophies, I still thought that it was really funny. I think that this is an excellent example of what separates our society from those where it is considered acceptable to urge death for those who criticize your own beliefs, whether that criticism is in the form of words or images (even cartoons, perhaps).

Just think--if this was Taliban Roadfood, we would likely be issuing Fatwahs against those who don't like the same brand of mayonnaise that we do!
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