The Jackson Hole Burger

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2005/12/06 12:19:36 (permalink)

The Jackson Hole Burger

Is anyone familiar with the Jackson Hole hamburger located in NY? They have the best hamburger that I have ever had. First, they are huge. Huge in height. I have been going there since I was a little girl *now 37. I haven't been there in eons, but anyone around there, check it out. And they also have the best pickles. But that is a whole different subject!! ;)

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    RE: The Jackson Hole Burger 2005/12/06 20:40:18 (permalink)
    I remember them as very very good, and very big. They were cooked on a griddle and the secret to them was covering the burgers as they cooked under a stainless ice cream saucer turned upside down to help steam the burgers. I also remember seeing something about them on TV within the past year or two, so they must still be around. I haven't had one in over 10 years.
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    RE: The Jackson Hole Burger 2005/12/06 20:44:19 (permalink)
    Sadly I must disagree with the quality of their burgers. They are mighty large, but they always cook them well done no matter how they are ordered, and this does not fly for me. They also have a weird taste. Things must have changed in the years since your last visit.
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    RE: The Jackson Hole Burger 2005/12/06 21:14:22 (permalink)
    I ate at Jackson Hole a LOT when I was a struggling young professional in NY. I remember loving it. However, I ate there again recently, and MAN was that a BAD burger! Bigger is NOT always better! Overcooked, bland and dry.

    Paul's, Corner Bistro and Burger Joint are my current favorites, while PRIME BURGER is my all-time favorite.
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    RE: The Jackson Hole Burger 2005/12/06 23:05:06 (permalink)
    Sorry, I have to agree with the naysayers about this. I'll admit that I haven't had a burger in one of their establishments in about ten years, but I haven't really found it worthwhile to return, based on a number of not so pleasant experiences.

    Granted, they (the burgers) are big, and a pretty good price, but I found them to be tasteless, and of a weird, mushy quality.

    Actually, I used to always order them rare, and was usually pleasantly surprised to have them served precisely that way (not always the case in other places), but eating it rare just emphasized the lack of decent quality in the meat.

    I found any one of a number of nearby bars served a better burger.

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    RE: The Jackson Hole Burger 2005/12/20 14:48:46 (permalink)
    It's been years, but their quality has always varied, at least from location to location. In the early 80s they had a greasy hole in the wall on the west side of Columbus in the 80s. Maybe 6 stools. Great burgers. At the same time another location on the East Side was only okay. When they moved across Columbus to a larger location with a sidewalk cafe the grill just never seemed to get hot enough. No crust to the burgers.
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    RE: The Jackson Hole Burger 2005/12/20 15:22:37 (permalink)
    i used to live around the corner from the one on columbus and 85th st.
    personally i'm not a big burger guy so for starters that's a strike against em. i would have to say they were inconsistent at best and not really that great. there food in general is kinda like bad bar fare. i would avoid them there are much better burgers all aroung town.
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