The best Chicken Parmesan

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2006/11/27 19:38:18 (permalink)

The best Chicken Parmesan

I've been on the prowl for the ultimate chickem parm for years. If I go to an Italian restaurant, I almost always get the parm so I can compare to what I've had in the past. I have certain criteria as far as what I like: pounded thin, breaded, pan sauteed or fried (prefer sauteed), then covered in mozzarella and sauce and baked until brown and bubbly.

Yes, picky I know, but I've had many like this and love them. I've tried parm in NYC and only so far have really liked the version made at Carmine's on Beekman Street down by the Seaport. Old school italian red sauce place has been around since 1905 and their sauce is sweet without being cloying. The chicken is crispy and juicy.

My favorites though are from the italian places in my hometown of Rome, NY. Teddy's Restaurant on Black River Blvd and The Plaza Restaurant on East Dominick Street both have great versions. Big portions of juicy, crispy pounded chicken breasts. I think the Plaza's version is more friedn than sauteed and Teddy's uses a really falvorfull marinara sauce, I love them both.

I'm trying to find a new place in NYC (Manhattan) if possible that'll have what I'm looking for. I've tried some pizza places, but most of them are usually chicken cutlets that have been sitting in a heating tray for a while or frozen and thrown in the deep fryer and end up tasting like cardboard. Any suggestions?

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    RE: The best Chicken Parmesan 2006/11/27 20:16:01 (permalink)
    I think that if you expect anything you once had to live up to your perceptions of what it "should be" like now, etc., forget it. The only way around same is to cook it yourself. That's what I do quite a bit, at present.

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    RE: The best Chicken Parmesan 2006/11/27 20:21:24 (permalink)
    My favorite chicken parm in NYC is at Adriatica on 1st Avenue and 19th Street. It's a typical neigborhood Italian: pizza parlor out front, sit-down red-sauce restaurant in back. I find all of their food to be exceptionally good, and a good value. Their chicken parm is outstanding.

    If you're up in the Williamsbridge section of the Bronx, go to Enzo's and order ANYTHING in their red sauce. In my opinion, it's the best southern Italian restaurant in New York.
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    RE: The best Chicken Parmesan 2006/11/27 21:51:52 (permalink)
    Thanks for the tips! Actually, the stuff I've had at Carmine's, Teddy's, and the Plaza are still cureent. I go to all of them whenever I have the chance and its always great quality. I do make my own at home and tweak it to my liking. Sometimes I slice some garlic really thin and saute it in oil to make garlic chips and sprinkle them on my parm. Good stuff!!
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    RE: The best Chicken Parmesan 2006/11/29 06:09:16 (permalink)
    Chicken parma or veal parm is also one of my favorites. Unfortunately in Knoxville, most everything you get is fake meat that is fried and covered with cheese and red sauce.

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    RE: The best Chicken Parmesan 2006/12/12 05:59:19 (permalink)
    The very best chicken parm is at another Carmine's = the red-sauce large-portion joints in Manhattan, one just off Times Sq at 44th, the other on the Upper West Side, Broadway and 89th or thereabouts. Try there; you will become converted for life !
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    RE: The best Chicken Parmesan 2006/12/12 07:22:48 (permalink)
    Thats your problem Billy boy. The cheese. It's named chicken parm for a reason. They use sliced imported parmigiano cheese, not mozzarella. When making it at home I use a combination of both parmigiano and imported provolone cheese. Save the mozzarle' for the pizza. Chow Jim
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