The best Onion Rings/sticks/straws

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2012/08/21 22:32:15 (permalink)

The best Onion Rings/sticks/straws

I didn't want to steal the other thread to ask this question so here goes.
We have all had very good batter dipped deep fried onions (rings - straws - sticks) at some time or another, but what made the best, the best? Was it the breading? Crispness? House dressing? Lightness? Flavor/Spice?  What made you say WOW these are good? And if you remember where did they come from? Perhaps you make them in your food operation or at home? Tell me about the best.

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    Re:The best Onion Rings/sticks/straws 2012/08/21 23:06:24 (permalink)
    A good crisp batter (I don't like breadcrumbs on onion rings) that adheres to the onion rings. Not too big where you get an order of 2 onion rings that you could play ring toss with around a fire hydrant. The batter "jacket" should not be able to slip off the onion. That usually means the onion will be in that case it's jacket only.

    I usually opt for the quick buttermilk soak followed by seasoned (with homemade Old Bay) flour in peanut oil...for onion strings at home. If I want a dipping sauce it's homemade zesty sauce like Burger King...mayo ketchup lemon juice a little lemon zest horseradish a pinch of sugar salt and the homemade Old Bay as seasoning.

    The beer-battered onion rings at New York Burger Co. really stand apart from the many other onion rings on NYC. They have a beautiful color (never pale or soggy)...and stay crispy without being crunchy for a long time (while I am shopping for a sidekick) or even all the way home.

    Oh...and always a few pinches of annatto powder. Like living In NJ to be golden you always have to have a tan...hell or high water (real or a little extra help). So do your onion rings.
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    Re:The best Onion Rings/sticks/straws 2012/08/21 23:48:38 (permalink)
    Ok....I'll toot my own horn.
    I do beer battered onion rings. Nice and crispy, and they stay that way even after sitting.

    They are twice fried similar to doing hand cut fries. First fry at 300 to set the batter, no color.

    Fry to order at 375. Shake of my seasoned salt, fresh made buttermilk ranch on the side.
    They are a major pain in the ass to make, but well worth the effort. Get great feedback from my customers.
    Simple beer batter.....
    3 16oz cans of beer
    3 eggs
    1/4 c granulated garlic
    1/2 c granulated onion
    3 T baking powder
    1 good hand full salt
    1 1/2 lbs corn starch
    flour to just have to eyeball it....not too thick, not too thin.
    Mix very well, let slake for 10 min, dip rings, shake off excess, drop into the fryer.
    The dry ingredients are estimated, I have made this so many times, I just eyeball everything.
    This will yield enough batter to do about a dozen onions worth of rings. YMMV
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