The closing of Carino's?

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2009/03/31 09:00:12 (permalink)

The closing of Carino's?

Has anyone else noticed the closure of some Carino's locations?  
A couple of weeks ago, my SO & I decided to go to the Carino's in Piscataway, NJ, since we had not been there in a very long time, and we both craved their Ceasar Salad topped with grilled salmon.   Upon our arrival, I was astounded to see a small notice on the front door announcing that this particular location was now closed.
Today, in a local newspaper, I read that the aformentioned Carino's location--as well as another one in nearby Bridgewater, NJ--will be leveled so that an Olive Garden restaurant (yuk!) can be built on the site.  We had patronized the Bridgewater location several times a year, and always found it to be a very busy location, so clearly traffic/profit at this location cannot be the driving factor here.  
Since these restaurants are part of a massive chain operation, I suspect that these closures are the result of a change in philosophy on the part of the parent company, but this is just a theory.   While it was a chain, I will miss Carino's, simply because the food was decent, freshly prepared, and was not as sodium-laden as the fare at similar chain operations such as Macaroni Grill and Maggiano's.  I consider the food at MG and at Maggiano's to be inedible because of the astronomical sodium content.

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    Re:The closing of Carino's? 2009/03/31 10:19:20 (permalink)
    What - they don't have family run locally owned Italian restaurants in Jersey?

    Why would anyone go to Carnio's, Olive Garden, Macaroni Grill or corporate owned chains in a place that's loaded with real Italian restaurants?
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    Re:The closing of Carino's? 2009/03/31 20:21:10 (permalink)
    A lot of the Mom & Pop places started closing last year when the economic melt-down really began to have an effect on the restaurant business.  However, as I stated, we only went to Carino's a few times per year, and we did not patronize MG or Olive Garden, or Maggiano's.   We prefer locally-owned places, but some of them are now gone--and in a few cases, that is a good thing!
    All-in-all, there are a lot fewer choices for dining in my area than there were before the economy went into a nose-dive.
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    Re:The closing of Carino's? 2009/04/07 23:15:27 (permalink)
    The Johnny Carino's in Mays Landing, NJ, near my condo, closed last year...
    The Red Robin hamburger restaurant just opened in it's place last week..

    My bf will miss Carino's, as he said he loved going in on Monday nights for  their special family sized portions for only $11.99 ...(and it fed 3 people!)
    Normally those entrees would cost $25.00 or so..

    It looks like there are still some Carino's left in Jersey, so don't despair...
    the one in Howell, near my sis's is still open, so maybe I'll give them another try..
    I've been there just twice...
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    Re:The closing of Carino's? 2009/04/08 03:28:41 (permalink)
    The downturn in the economy has put the crunch on everyone.
    We've had an Olive Garden in our area for years but I've never been there, there's no reason to. We have at least three family owned Italian restaurants that are excellent...Capri, Lino's and Sam's Pizza.  
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    Re:The closing of Carino's? 2009/04/09 08:59:13 (permalink)
    Carino's in Athens, GA---closed. I think it was among the first of the chains to close up here, in not THE first.

    Not much of a loss, though as we have many excellent locally owned and operated restaurants--we support those with our dollars, not the chains.
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