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RE: The worst Pizza you ever ate!! 2004/07/13 23:09:45 (permalink)
I pretty much detest any of the chain pizza joints (Domino's, Hut, Papa Johns). They're all just nasty to me, but I think that's because I grew up in South Jersey where you had your choice of excellent indie pizza joints all over the place.

But I think the worst I can recall is Tree Tavern Frozen Pizza which I used to eat in college. Shudder. Like canned tomato sauce on top of cardboard. Ick.
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RE: The worst Pizza you ever ate!! 2004/07/14 00:24:14 (permalink)

High School cafeteria pizza. Spongy , thick, greasy-slippery dough with orangy sweetsauce with tasteless rubber cheese. blech.
oh and once, some people in oklahoma i was with thought a pizza we had was great, BUT i thought it was AWFUL nasty. canned mushrooms and cardboardy frozen tasting crust, ick.
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RE: The worst Pizza you ever ate!! 2004/07/14 00:40:08 (permalink)
Back in the late 60's or early 70's I was a college student. It was summer vacation and I was working in the local meat packing plant (a story in and of itself). Late one night my brother and I and been out drinking and came home to our parent's house late at night and were hungry. We raided their "pantry." All we found was a box called something like "pizza in a box." After following the instructions and rolling out the dough on a cookie sheet, we read "top with your own favorite cheese." What was this, pizza with no cheese? It was 2 o’clock or so in the morning. I cannot remember what we did, but 30 some years later, “top with your own favorite cheese” still breaks us up.

Phil B.
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RE: The worst Pizza you ever ate!! 2004/07/16 16:41:30 (permalink)
tnaba mentioned little caesar's pizza as worst, and i second that! they were truly horrible!it was a chain, we had several in northeast ohio (cleveland) nasty, dogfood passed off as sausage, and about one tablespoon of salty goo cheese per pizza! ugh. they went out of business a while ago- surprise![|)] papa john's is awful here, too , hey maybe mcdonald's owns them
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RE: The worst Pizza you ever ate!! 2004/07/16 17:15:25 (permalink)
The worst pizza I can remember was from Oddo's on Peterson Ave. in Chicago. We used to joke that you had to balance it carefully since it was so greasy it may slide off the plate.
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RE: The worst Pizza you ever ate!! 2004/07/20 20:08:53 (permalink)
The absolute worst pizza I had is Pizza Hut. Never liked it never will.
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RE: The worst Pizza you ever ate!! 2004/07/20 22:00:24 (permalink)
A frozen pizza called Fox De Luxe. I remember eating them all the time when I was a very young child. I saw them in the grocery store one day when I was in college. I bought one and fixed it right away, trying to remember why it was that I should remember this one food out of all the stuff we ate when I was young.

Then I tasted it. The reason I remembered it so well was because it was awful. I can understand artificial cheese on a cheap pizza and even that horrid orange sauce. But this thing tasted like it had an artificial crust.
Kent Daniels
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RE: The worst Pizza you ever ate!! 2004/07/21 22:35:08 (permalink)
The worst pizza I ever had (shortly before they left the Wichita market) was from Dominos. I tried to order a "hand-tossed" crust, and they said they were out of that crust. Out of "hand-tossed" crust? Could it be that their crust was FROZEN or something like that? Of course it was... So what we got was a cold, tough pizza with burnt cheese, virtually no topping, and some breadsticks that were even worse. I wrote them a letter, I never got a response, and the chain pulled out of town about 2 weeks later, without telling their employees.
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RE: The worst Pizza you ever ate!! 2004/07/28 20:33:01 (permalink)
The worst, CiCi's. You get what you pay for. A close second, airport pizza. I've never gotten edible pizza at an airport, no matter what brand it was.

The best, a little place about 2 blocks from the train terminus in Rome, Italy. Very simple, but WOW!
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RE: The worst Pizza you ever ate!! 2004/07/28 22:48:35 (permalink)
Originally posted by UncleVic

<blockquote id="quote"><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" id="quote">quote:<div style="border: 1px #999999 solid; background-color: #DCDCDC; padding: 4px;">Originally posted by LizzieR

The worst pizza I ever had was in Grand Rapids, Michigan many years ago. They topped their pizza with tunafish salad! They also did not cut the pie into slices but rather into tiny little squares about the size of a cracker. They did top the hot tuna with green olives, which was delicious.

Well LizzieR, I live in Grand Rapids... Atleast you had some exciting crap pizza! Rest of the stuff here is just plain boring crap. There was a good place once upon a time, but the owners retired and now it's like the rest. There's also a local chain around here called Vitales.. They used to make pizza to die for, but today I wouldnt give them a nickle of my hard earned money... Especially their store in Ada!

UPDATE! Regarding Vitales Pizza in Ada Michigan... Well, last weekend had a few cocktails and felt I couldnt drive... So the only number I knew off the top of my head was Vitales in Ada... I knew I should have kicked myself even thinking about it, but I did order a pizza from them... Had a fast delivery! But the sauce on the pizza tasted like 1 cup sauce, 2 cups sugar... I ended up tossing it out after half a slice... I couldnt tell ya what rest of the toppings tasted like since it was so over powered with sugar... Again, they get a Massive Thumbs Down from me... AGAIN...
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RE: The worst Pizza you ever ate!! 2004/07/29 03:31:18 (permalink)
I remember the cardboard box covered with pizza sauce was more tastey than those Fox De Lux Pizzas. Horrible pizza!
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RE: The worst Pizza you ever ate!! 2004/07/29 08:29:09 (permalink)
saying that dominos or papa johns are the worst is just too easy.

the awful pizza i had in tijuana doesn't count because it was in, well, tijuana.

the worst pizza ever by far was in a bar i ended up waiting tables in a virginia college town. the best way to describe this horror is that it most resembled undercooked matzo bread topped with ketchup and molten plastic.
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RE: The worst Pizza you ever ate!! 2004/07/29 08:32:47 (permalink)
During the summer between my freshman & sophomore years in highschool, I went on a school sponsored trip to Europe. Being 15, I wasn't very adventurous when it came to food, so I had pizza in West Germany (this was 1987), England, France, and Switzerland. The pie I had in Paris, France was, hands down, the worst EVER. The crust seeemed almost boiled.The sauce was was watery with huge pieces of tomato skin left in. In retrospect, the cheese was pretty good, but not meant for pizza. Genoa salami was used in place of the pepperoni...

The capper, though, was the RAW egg that the waiter cracked onto the pie when it was delivered to the table. The heat of the pizza cooked the egg a bit, but ultimately this thing was inedible, even to a 15 year old boy.

In the past 17 years, I've returned to Paris, but I've learned not to eat pizza there.
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RE: The worst Pizza you ever ate!! 2004/07/29 11:18:09 (permalink)
Besides the bad pizza at CiCi's , the salad bar is double awful and then you have to put up with all the employees saying "Welcome to Ci Ci's Pizza every time the door opens
Originally posted by alb

The worst, CiCi's. You get what you pay for. A close second, airport pizza. I've never gotten edible pizza at an airport, no matter what brand it was.

The best, a little place about 2 blocks from the train terminus in Rome, Italy. Very simple, but WOW!
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RE: The worst Pizza you ever ate!! 2004/08/02 00:26:42 (permalink)
My wife's worse pizza was in the Philipines. Apparently tomotoes don't grow there so they make ketchup from bannanas, that's crazy enough but, this bananna ketchup is also used as the sauce for pizza. My wifes says it wasn't bad at the time but she probably wouldn't eat again if she had the choice.
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RE: The worst Pizza you ever ate!! 2004/08/02 14:07:13 (permalink)
Unfortunately Southern California doesn't know the pizza that I grew up on in New York.....maybe it's their water....when I need a fix I usually go to "Ameci's" in Thousand's passable but'll never be "Gino's".......

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RE: The worst Pizza you ever ate!! 2004/11/05 16:56:05 (permalink)
Originally posted by hawkeyejohn

The "top" of my list for the worst pizza was a place in Iowa City (I hope long gone) called Paul Revere's. It was a greasy, gloppy mess that was so bad you couldn't tell where the pizza sauce or cheese left off and the crust would begin. Yuck, not even the worst case of college munchies could overcome that.

I spent a fair amount of money at Revere's during my college years in Des Moines but I usually ordered a "wedgie" - a 12" pizza crust folded in half and filled with your choice of ingredients. My favorite was pepperoni, sausage, mushroom, extra cheese, and extra sauce...I usually had to set it on end and eat it with a spoon because it was so drippy! It wasn't too terribly bad but you were guaranteed to wake up in the middle of the night, dying of thirst...

There's a Revere's near where I live now and while the pizza is edible they don't have the much for nostalgia!

Brad O.
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RE: The worst Pizza you ever ate!! 2004/11/08 17:15:22 (permalink)
Last night I was over at a friend's house and they ordered a Domino's pizza----the new one with cheese (?) between two layers of (cracker?) crust. It was easily the worst pizza I have ever had! the slice was not even as thick as their regular crust----and what they called cheese between the two crusts looked more like Elmer's Glue! A new low!!!!!
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RE: The worst Pizza you ever ate!! 2004/11/11 14:36:24 (permalink)
I'm not a big fan of chains, but feel they have their place. When you find yourself in a pizza h_ll, you can count on the chain of your choice for a pizza that borders on mediocre.

I am lucky to live in a small pocket of Pizza paradise. I live about an hour from the Chicago area, so there are some good Chicago style places we frequent. Oddly, not much choice in town for Chicago style (it all sucks). We are, however, blessed with a large number of Italian immigrants that all opened pizza places. As a result, we have numerous good to great independent places. Which makes me spoiled when we travel to Minneapolis, Cedar Point in Ohio, or even to visit my sister in law in Madison, WI.

Worst pizza I had wasn't necessarily the pizza place's fault. It was from Pizza Capri in chicago. Was visiting an ex roommate in the city. He had taken the liberty to order pizza for us before we arrived. He is a vegetarian. Anyway, the punk went ahead and ordered a couple of spinach pizzas. I despise spinach. I have also had moments of poor judgement at the gas station when I have thought, "It can't be that bad."
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RE: The worst Pizza you ever ate!! 2004/11/23 11:36:44 (permalink)


I am an American living in the city of Hangzhou, in China. Hangzhou has about 2 million people and is only about 150 miles south of Shanghai.

Pizza Hut is considered fine foreign dining in China. No one that I know of likes the pizza, it is heavy, greasy and overly expensive.I rarely go to Pizza Hut, but my Chinese wife will take me there to please me.I go thee for the salad bar, the waffle fries and the expensive but almost worth it onion rings.

A Chinese owned bar has the best pizza in town, thin crust, not bad, but far from good. Several days ago I went to an American friend's house for a "Pizza Party". He invites his friends, makes a bunch of dough, supplies the ingredients, and we make the pizza. That's the bomb. That's the good stuff.

Worst pizza in the United States that i can remember was some joint called Dino's in Oxford, Mississippi, about 1985. I remember picking up the first slice and have the cheese and the stuff just slide off the crust.<----------was my expression.

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RE: The worst Pizza you ever ate!! 2004/12/03 00:02:59 (permalink)
I don't know why so many people are dumping on Papa John's. IMHO it, along with Godfather's, is actually pretty good compared to the other chain pizzas. Not saying much at all, but it's far from terrible. Domino's (cardboard) and Pizza Hut (excluding Stuffed Crust and the Big New Yorker) are another story, however.

As for Ci-Ci's, you get what you pay for. To me, it's not all THAT bad for $3.50. And the people who work there are really cool and take requests, not just randomly throw stuff out there like Pizza Hut. Not to mention the fact that the games keep my noisy, jumpy little niece occupied. :-)

The real problem with these chains and cheap buffets arises when connoisseurs go to them expecting a gourmet pizza. It's like going to Wendy's expecting something from a mom-and-pop burger joint. Apples to oranges, folks; totally different kinds of pizza, bought for totally different occasions.

Now, for the sake of being on-topic, the absolute WORST pizzas I have ever run across are:

1)Those square-cut slices you get for lunch in public school. No further explanation needed.

2)The heatlamp-parched chewtoys served at Penn Valley Community College. All the ingredients--sauce (garlic ketchup, I guess), cheese (overcooked and caked into the crust), you name it--constitute a uniquely out-of-this-world experience. All prospective freshmen, you've been warned.

3)The really thick-crusted pizzas at Sbarro's. Is it just me, or do they reserve bad-tasting toppings for the bad-tasting crust? Because the lighter, more "traditional" hand-tossed style is far better, both crust-wise and toppings-wise.

4)Several certain kinds of frozen pizza, although definitely not all of them, since I've had some (especially this one called "Celeste") that have been pretty good.

Finally, three places in Kansas City that are exceptions to the "300 miles west of the Atlantic" clause are Antonio's, Minsky's, and d'Bronx. For those looking for a serious New York-style pizza/deli sandwich in KC, it's hard to think of any place that rivals d'Bronx; the nostalgia is at the main location in Westport. Minsky's is another good place for gourmet pizza and sandwiches, but in a unique, contemporary, not-so-New York fashion. Both the Plaza and City Market locations are awesome, atmosphere-wise. Antonio's in Westport is also pretty good; their deep-dish gourmet pies are to die for. Not a sit-down restaurant though, so ya' gotta gitcha pie and git on up out.
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RE: The worst Pizza you ever ate!! 2004/12/03 16:11:16 (permalink)
Tried the Freschetta frozen "Brick Oven Sicilian" square was on a chain's "Bonus Card" special for about 4 bucks (usually about 7) so gave it a go. Absolutely the WORST frozen pizza (if not all pizza) ever!!! Not sure what they did wrong with it but VERY VERY bad!!!

Recently ordered a Domino's out of sheer convenience with unexpected guests - $17 including tip for large pie, 2 toppings....they must have used about 2 oz. of cheese and about 6 pepperoni slices, all with about 3 inches of crust in from the edge. Very disappointing.
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RE: The worst Pizza you ever ate!! 2004/12/06 14:17:23 (permalink)
I agree with those who complain of the hideous rectangular school pizzas we used to be fed. They were awful --- grease and mystery sausage. I remember once I went to a childhood friend's birthday party and for the party they'd bought.....drummrolllllllllll
school pizza! I don't know who in the heck made that stuff but it was horrid.
Re the chains, I like the Papa John's works pizza with the mystery garlic butter sauce. I can tolerate it better than Pizza Hut and Dominoes, but I do agree it's too sweet.

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RE: The worst Pizza you ever ate!! 2005/01/13 18:38:20 (permalink)
Any pizza cooked on a conveyor belt tastes like (BLEEP)!
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RE: The worst Pizza you ever ate!! 2005/02/10 11:13:32 (permalink)
CHUCK E. CHEESE.............Worst Pizza EVER!

Fred Ferris
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RE: The worst Pizza you ever ate!! 2005/02/10 11:35:06 (permalink)
I actually would love to try those old grade school/high school pizzas me crazy, but there was something uniquely satisfying about them...could be they were just so much better than the other crappy stuff served, but we liked them anyway...
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RE: The worst Pizza you ever ate!! 2005/02/10 14:56:33 (permalink)
I, too, have a special place in my heart for "school pizza". Outside of school, it was utter crap. However, at school, I kinda liked it. Could've just been in comparison to the other crap that was available.

And what was up with those pepperoni "cubes"? Most often, it was mystery sausage, once in a while cheese. But the occasional "pepperoni" was just bizarre.
Michael Hoffman
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RE: The worst Pizza you ever ate!! 2005/02/10 15:22:32 (permalink)
I used to think that the absolutely worst I could ever taste came from a chain called Masseys in the Columbus, Ohio area. I'd thought that since about 1972 when I tasted one. Now, however, I have discovered something even worse.

Some months ago, at the urging of my grandson, I ordered some sort of chicken/Mexican pie with tortilla strips from Donatos. It was really, really, really awful, but not as bad as that Massey's product. Last night, though, said grandson persuaded me to order Donato's newest attack on the human digestive system -- a Smokehouse Barbeque pizza with bacon, ham, sausage and french-fried onion rings, as well as provolone cheese and barbeque sauce.

The aroma (OK, the smell) put me off, but I picked up a piece and took a bite. This, thing, has now replaced the Massey's pie in my personal Hall of Gross.

Naturally, the kid, seeing my reaction, insisted that it was the very best he'd ever tasted, and he proceeded to down the whole thing. This is the same kid who has enjoyed tomato pies at Sally's, Pepe's and The Spot. It's an age thing. He's almost 17, so any time he can take a shot he has to do it.

I haven't heard from his yet today, so I'm guessing he's too sick to want to come over.
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RE: The worst Pizza you ever ate!! 2005/02/11 14:19:19 (permalink)
agree with 1st writer, i have eaten ceder point pizza and make the same realization, real **** pizza. even the beer didnt help it.
Cannot say enough bad things, i wont go back someplace that will allow crap like that to be served to clients.
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RE: The worst Pizza you ever ate!! 2005/02/14 02:11:52 (permalink)
Our local CiCi's must be the exception to the rule...the food there is actually pretty good, and I don't find the employees yelling "Welcome to Cicis" any more annoying than the screaming crying kids and all the ambient noise of a Chuck E. Cheese.
I'd have to rate Chuck E. Cheese as one of the worst..greasy, disgusting toppings, soggy, chewy crust. Pizza Hut is a close runner-up. We used to eat there quite often but once they changed to putting the toppings on top of the cheese it seemed like you couldn't get a pizza where the toppings weren't burnt and they did away with the small sized pizza. My husband prefers the hand-tossed crust over the pan crust, so the personals aren't a solution...and we can't eat a whole medium and don't like to waste food, so it has probably been at least 4 years since we ate there.
Our local Domino's is pretty bad too and they gave us the wrong pizza one time...we ended up with a Philly Cheese Steak (yes, it is every bit as disgusting as you can imagine) instead of the Deluxe we had ordered...I had to call and tell them about it and they gave me a coupon for another one free, but I ended up eating a salad from Wendy's that night. We have a Noble Roman's in our cafeteria at college and the few times I haven't been able to leave campus to eat and tried one of those I got very sick...same with the Subway which is run by the same people..those are our only choices for "on campus" meals.
We had a local pizza place years ago called Zimarios that had fabulous by a couple of younger guys. Then they sold out and the woman who bought it cheapened it and was only open a few hours a day, then she sold the name and equipment to another restaurant and that was the end of that.
There was a really good pizza place with wood fired ovens behind Greentree Mall for awhile, but it went out of business and there is a dental practice in there now.
We have another local place called Home Oven, but they aren't as good as they used to be...they do have one pizza that I love that has chicken, red onion, bacon and fresh cracked black pepper in a white "Ranchero" sauce...very tasty.
All in all I prefer to make my own if I have the time.
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