Thin,Deep or hand tossed??

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RE: Thin,Deep or hand tossed?? 2004/12/30 09:27:07 (permalink)
Very thin, yet pliable so I can fold it in half.
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RE: Thin,Deep or hand tossed?? 2004/12/30 09:38:50 (permalink)
you can fold hand tossed in half if it's made right.. east coast style.. (man what i wouldn't do for a slice of marucas boardwalk pizza........)
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RE: Thin,Deep or hand tossed?? 2004/12/30 10:44:00 (permalink)
Definetly thin crust and definetly Marucas on the Boardwalk.
I live in Northwest Jersey and have my sailboat at a marina
in the Highlands.
One of the benefits is having several very good thin crust
pizza places nearby.
I love South Jersey pizza. They just know how to do
thin crust right.
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RE: Thin,Deep or hand tossed?? 2005/01/22 08:50:24 (permalink)
My father went to Italy on business, and said that in northern Italy, the food is very very different from the south (which is what we typically think of as "Italian" food), and that the pizza is very thin and floppy. Rather than folding it, he said they roll each slice up into a little tube and pop it in their mouths quickly before the cheese runs out the end.

I prefer hand-tossed, myself. The dough, and its doughiness, is part of the pizza experience for me. But I want to be able to eat it with my hands, otherwise it doesn't seem like pizza.

When my daughter was tiny, she loved to eat pizza crusts dipped in garlic butter (a' la Papa John's). She refused to eat the main portion of the slice. However, her daycare began holding "Pizza and PJ Day", when the kids come dressed in pajamas and rather than pack a lunch, the parents provide $4 (I cannot imagine my daughter eating four dollars worth of anything.) and they get pizza for the whole school. They do this on the first Tuesday of every month. Too infrequently to really remember, unfortunately. I've had to go out and buy her a nightie at one point. But I digress. After this event began occurring, she suddenly switched her preference from crust only to pie only, and now won't touch the crust because none of her friends eat it. Ah, peer pressure.
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