Tivoli Tap Pizza/NW Indiana

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2007/07/30 22:26:45 (permalink)

Tivoli Tap Pizza/NW Indiana

Has anyone ever tried Tivoli Tap pizza? It is my favorite, with, among other things, a sausage taste better than anything I've tasted in my 60+ years.

The Tivoli Tap was in Gary, on 5th Avenue; it went under a long time ago, but that pizza recipe, which is well known locally, is being made at Maxims on 73 Street in Merriville, which is south of Gary a few miles.

If you are ever near, it's worth a visit. Remembering back into the 60s, people came often from as far away as Whiting and Cal City just for that pizza. Plus, their roast beef sandwich, with the peppers, etc.............oh well.

Happy eating,


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    RE: Tivoli Tap Pizza/NW Indiana 2007/08/08 07:53:09 (permalink)

    Paully - I'm from Gary - graduated from Horace Mann - "lived" at Tivoli Tap and remember both the pizza and the beef sandwiches. Another spot that comes close to their pizza is John's which now has a place in Crown Point. As far as good beef sandwiches - Taylor Street in St. John along US 41 is great. Thanks for the memories!

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    RE: Tivoli Tap Pizza/NW Indiana 2007/08/08 11:16:01 (permalink)
    Wow! Another one who remembers their food!
    Unfortunately, I live in Virginia and I can't get any feedback from Maxims ref recipes, shipping occasional pizza to me, etc.
    They just won't even respond. Really sucks.
    I was supposed to go back there this week but a daughter in the hospital again changed my plans.

    Oh well,

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    RE: Tivoli Tap Pizza/NW Indiana 2007/09/11 19:45:45 (permalink)
    I remember the Tivoli Tap and the Tivoli theater there on west 5th avenue between Horace Mann HS and downtown Gary. Grew up in Brunswick and graduated from Edison HS in 1963. Went to the Tivoli theater quite a few times as a kid and had pizza a few times from the Tap although I can't remember much about its taste. Our family favorite was Flamingo pizza on 5th avenue a couple blocks west of Broadway. There is now Flamingo Pizza of Miller which claims to be descended from the original 5th avenue location and using original recipes from that location. I tried one last fall on a trip to that area - It was quite good but only vaguely reminded me of the unique original 1950's/60's flavor. I think pizza ingredients have changed too much over the last 50 years and think it near impossible to exactly reproduce a by gone taste. It's worth a stop if you're in the area and have time. Fifth avenue and Broadway and downtown Gary are in sad shape now- blighted to the nth degree.
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    RE: Tivoli Tap Pizza/NW Indiana 2008/04/30 17:39:00 (permalink)
    To everyone who loved Tivloi tap pizza;

    I just found this blog and I was reading all of your comments regarding tivoli tap pizza. Well my family owns Maxims Restaurant in Merrillville, Indiana, and we have the original tivoli tap pizza. We have a huge pizza menu. We just shipped out 3 pizzas for the first time about a week ago to tennessee to a customer who also grew up on tivoli tap food from gary. The customer paid for the shipping, and recieved the pizzas the next afternoon after they were shipped out. If you are interested in ordering some pizzas please email us at nektarios@maximsrestaurant.com.....our website is currently being updated but I believe we have the pizza menu on there.......its www.maximsrestaurant.com......have a great day!
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    Re:Tivoli Tap Pizza/NW Indiana 2009/04/26 13:07:01 (permalink)
    Upon seeing one long time roadfood poster repremanding a newbie for not using the search function, before starting a new thread, I used the search today function just to see what I could find out about what has already been written about Northwest Indiana and more specifically pizza in Gary , Indiana.

     And much to my delight, I found this thread !  Thanks so much for bringing back some great memories.

    I was born and raised in Gary. And despite all that has gone on with the city, I still have fond memories even after nearly 40 years after leaving. And pizza from the Tivioli Tap is just one of those many fond memories.

    Tivoli Tap was some of the best pizza ever. But I am of the opinion that people like the pizza they grew up with as being the best. That is why there are so many differing opinions as to what really is the best pizza.  But for me, it is so good to know that Tivioli Tap pizza still  lives at Maxim's.  Can't wait to get back to Merrillville to try it.

    For those that have wondered what Gary , Indiana pizza is all about, now they can try some at either  Maxim's in Merrillville, or at the Flamingo in Miller.

    I had pizza at the Flamingo last summer, and as I say, can't wait to get back to try Maxim's version of the Tivoli Tap pizza.
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