Todai japanese sushi & seafood

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2006/06/30 02:28:10 (permalink)

Todai japanese sushi & seafood

I talked about this small chain several months ago but wanted to bring it up again. I've eaten here 2x now and both times I've been greatly impressed.

My 2nd time was yesterday for lunch. The location closest to me is in the Fairfax mall, Fairfax, Va. I got there just as they opened at 11:30 for lunch.

My favorites of the day were the tempura veggies and shrimp and a marinated beef dish.

They have 30 or more kinds of sushi, 20 or so salads, 7 or 8 soups and about 20 hot dishes. Everything I tried was very tasty.

They are a bit pricey though. Lunch with iced tea was 17 bucks. But then I did something very rare for me, I skipped dinner" />


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    RE: Todai japanese sushi & seafood 2006/06/30 08:32:36 (permalink)
    In a 100 years or so they might have one near me.
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    RE: Todai japanese sushi & seafood 2006/06/30 10:17:47 (permalink)

    Is this the same Todai that has several locatioons in the Huntington Beach-Orange Cty SoCal area for 15 years or so? I heard they had decided to Franchise, but lost contact after we moved in 2000.
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    RE: Todai japanese sushi & seafood 2006/06/30 15:26:40 (permalink)
    In Los Angeles, I've found their quality lacking. I would not eat there again.

    mr chips
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    RE: Todai japanese sushi & seafood 2006/07/01 20:25:31 (permalink)
    They are in Portland, Oregon. There are smaller and cheaper sushi places that I prefer. They are not horrible but they are a bit too pricey for my taste.
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    RE: Todai japanese sushi & seafood 2006/07/07 18:04:36 (permalink)
    I gave up on Todai after 2 succesive meals where I got sick afterwards. In the LA/OC area, I've found O-Nami to be a much better chain, with better variety and much fresher sushi/sashimi selections as well as stuffed lobster, seaweed salad, crab legs, beef tataki and much more.
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    RE: Todai japanese sushi & seafood 2006/07/07 19:34:36 (permalink)
    I also prefer O-Nami to Todai, although living in Nashville, I would welcome either of them.
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    RE: Todai japanese sushi & seafood 2006/07/10 09:02:42 (permalink)
    Personal taste, I guess, but I really like Todai. I like the broad selection and it's fast if you have a limited lunch hour. I've been to the Todais in Phoenix and Portland. Both were good and not too pricey considering you can eat as much as you want. There were rumors of a Tacoma franchise, but that apparently fell through.
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