Today is Grilled Oysters Day

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2011/11/26 14:58:40 (permalink)

Today is Grilled Oysters Day

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Today is Grilled Oyster Day!!!
At this time of year in the Gulf of Mexico, the water has cooled enough for oysters to leave their spawning days behind and start bulking up. They stand up to a grilling without shrinking dramatically. Grilling oysters on the shell is nothing new, but some fifteen years ago Drago's version became a legendary dining phenomenon. Dozens of restaurants have imitated it.
The recipe for their char-broiled oysters is simple enough:
Garlic butter with some herbs, pepper, and parmesan cheese on top.
Some of the butter runs off the sides of the shells and flames up in the open fire, licking over the tops of the oysters and leaving behind a smoky flavor.
You can make them at home if you have:
1. A good source of oysters and
2. Someone to open them and
3 A really hot grill.
OK, so where's your Grilled Oyster Recipe and your favorite place to get Grilled Oysters?[:p]
"If you don't love life you can't enjoy an oyster; there is a shock of freshness to it and intimations of the ages of man, some piercing intuition of the sea and all its weeds and breezes."--Eleanor Clark, American writer.
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    Re:Today is Grilled Oysters Day 2011/11/26 15:46:58 (permalink)
    After way too much turkey that sounds fantastic.
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    Re:Today is Grilled Oysters Day 2011/11/26 18:03:42 (permalink)
    Anywhere in NOLA that serves grilled oysters, Acme, Gallitoire's, Armaud's, Ole N'Awlins Cookery, Oyster Bar Named Desire.....I'll eat them anywhere, any shape or form. 
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    Re:Today is Grilled Oysters Day 2011/11/26 18:18:52 (permalink)
    In Dallas, Big Shucks has fresh Texas gulf oysters on the half shell at $5.00 for a "bakers dozen" during happy hour. 3:30-6:30. Not huge but, very good!
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    Re:Today is Grilled Oysters Day 2011/12/01 14:22:16 (permalink)
    I wouldn't change a thing, here's Drago's char-broiled oysters recipe:

    If you're familiar with NOLA, there's a restaurant on the Westbank in Gretna called The Red Maple - they make their oysters using the same basic recipe as Drago's.  I forgot to ask last time I was there a couple of weeks ago, but the Red Maple was running specials on oysters on Thursdays -
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    Re:Today is Grilled Oysters Day 2011/12/01 15:04:53 (permalink)
    Hunts Seafood in Dothan AL

    Wintzells Oyster Bar in Mobile, AL tie for the best we have had (so far) !

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