Tom's snacks

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2006/06/22 14:21:11 (permalink)

Tom's snacks

I've seen a lot of posts on here about Tom's snacks... I didn't know they still existed. Around here we have Tom's snack machines in every auto body shop but none have any actual Tom's brand snacks inside.

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    RE: Tom's snacks 2007/03/08 23:37:26 (permalink)
    i'm gonna get nostalgic on everyone here:
    where do I begin? back in 84 or 85 by dad used to work for Tom's. He used to drive the truck early in the morning and go around putting them in the vending machines. And of course, he brought the truck home with him and what would my older brother and I do?? a nine year old and a 12 year old? Eat everything my dad would give us permission to! I especially remember eating those pink, green, and purple gums wrapped in those little wax papers. You have know idea what it's like to be a kid and have that darned thing in front of your mobile home (we lived in a trailer park) every day. the temptation!!!
    I found out years and years later from my mom that my dad HATED that job because he had to count everything by hand, etc. Plus the fact that my poor dad HAD to get a job because he was laid off from his previous job as a cable guy, I believe it was called Karnack cable (owned by Lyndon B. Johnson, ex-prez)
    anyway, my dear old dad is 57 now and suffering from Lou Gehrig's disease and can't move any part of his body. but I have such great memories of him and that Tom's truck. I think it's the only reason I still buy Tom's products even though I ain't too crazy about them...well, I do like their vanilla crisp wafers!
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    RE: Tom's snacks 2007/03/09 00:01:47 (permalink)
    I dont know if there will be any more Tom's products,Tom's was bought by Lance a while back.We have one of their machines at our store and some of the Lance stuff is selling pretty fast.They have some cheese tortilla chips and cheese popcorn stuff that emptys out in just a couple days.Also the Lance cinnamon rolls are tasty when microwaved for a few seconds.The other side of the equation is the delivery guy we had quit,another guy took over the route and he only shows up every couple weeks.A vending machine with a bunch of empty slots is not exactly a good profit center.
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    RE: Tom's snacks 2007/03/09 01:41:50 (permalink)
    Last time I was at a trade show they were still promoting Tom's. Looks like they cut back their product line to those items that don't duplicate Lance's (no more crackers). They do still make those rainbow coconut slab - I see it all the time at gas stations and discount stores.
    mr. sausage
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    RE: Tom's snacks 2007/03/10 01:19:47 (permalink)
    sorry to hear about your dad.
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    RE: Tom's snacks 2007/03/12 12:02:25 (permalink)
    The only places where I see Tom's and Lance machines are motels.
    I think their versions of Doritos, potato chips, Frito's, cheese doodles, etc, are nearly as good as the real thing.
    What's one to eat in a Super 8 with no restaurant nearby?
    Double Chili Cheeseburger
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    RE: Tom's snacks 2007/03/12 13:11:13 (permalink)
    The gift shop in the hospital where I work has both Tom's and Lance's snacks. The only item that I regularly get that is a Tom's brand item is the Bugle's. I get the crackers a lot but those are all Lance's.
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    RE: Tom's snacks 2007/03/12 19:02:00 (permalink)
    **thanks mr. sausage**

    I'd forgotten about Bugles!!! they are soooo salty and sooo good! I know at the nursing home where my dad's at they have a Toms machine and they also carry Hot Fries, they're good, too. anyone remember the Andy Capp brand hot fries?
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    RE: Tom's snacks 2007/03/12 19:29:44 (permalink)
    I worked for Lance back in the late '70s for two years. Wasn't really my idea of a "fun" job, but I learned a lot.
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    RE: Tom's snacks 2007/03/12 19:55:05 (permalink)
    We have Tom's here, their bar-b-que are and have always been my favorite, they are so light, crispy and not over powered with bar-b-que flavoring. I don't care too much for the rest of the products.
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    RE: Tom's snacks 2007/03/12 20:02:23 (permalink)
    Still plenty of Tom's goodies here in Fresno, CA.
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    RE: Tom's snacks 2007/03/12 20:08:00 (permalink)
    Lance has always had, (IMO), a good peanut bar. Their Captain's Wafers are hard to beat also, especially with a good salad. My all time favorite, though, remains as their Rye Thins (salad cracker). When I worked for Lance, they had yet to break into the retail market as we see today in our local grocery stores. For good potato chips though; my loyalty still remains with Golden Flake. Frito/Lays, IMO, jumped the shark a LONG time ago.
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    RE: Tom's snacks 2007/03/12 20:10:57 (permalink)
    i've been looking for rye thins forever.
    Pat T Hat
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    RE: Tom's snacks 2007/03/12 20:27:05 (permalink)
    If it wasn't for the Tom's machine I would never gotten to eat while working at a Shell Station on I-75 in the middle of Nowhereville Ky. back in '81 or so.

    Bag of rinds, two peanut butter cheese please and a Mr. Pibb(Dr.Pepper knock off) most everyday for about a year. Chocolate milk when the milk guy stopped and filled 'er up!

    I don't drink soda any more but I still eat peanut butter cheese crackers with chocolate milk to this day!

    I also have a story where me and a Tom's chip truck ran each other off a bridge in the snow.
    Free snacks while we waited hours for the police and wreckers to show up.
    Those peanut butter cheese crackers and that Tom's "Payday" like candy bar I believe were the only casualties!
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    RE: Tom's snacks 2007/03/12 21:21:44 (permalink)
    I don't think there was anything better than Tom's salted peanuts in a bottled 10oz Coke. My aunt worked for Tom's for 47 years in the Columbus,Ga main office. When we would vist her she would always have Chocolate covered peanuts. It was well worth the 2 hr drive to get there.
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    RE: Tom's snacks 2007/03/17 21:17:39 (permalink)
    I used to buy TOM's peanuts way back in the 1960s and put them in my Coke . They were delicious.
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    RE: Tom's snacks 2007/04/03 20:53:09 (permalink)
    I discovered Tom's when I moved to Virginia in '68. Seems like every gas station had a minmart's worth of vending machines in a shelter off to one side. The Tom's machines were a safe bet on a summer day, since it was pretty hard for a baked product to melt in the summer heat. And to a kid, hey, it's edible, who cares if I never heard of that brand!
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    RE: Tom's snacks 2007/10/16 19:22:53 (permalink)
    Tom's Hot Fries have finally drifted up to River City. The promise of a hot snack draws me like a magnet so I had to try them. An added advantage was the cheap price, two bags for $3.00.

    This is the sort of snack I would usually avoid, except for the promise of heat. The bag explained everything though. This was truly a pure American junk food product of the first water. It had a pedigree, eighty years in business and full of every ingredient weird science can provide, which should make it a National Treasure if the EPA doesn't find out about it.

    Opening the bag was delight at first bite. Heat was delivered as promised. Not the searing heat that can give you a shower in your own sweat, bring on apoplexy and make you dance around crying out for buttermilk, but it was a notch or three above most commercial products that promise heat. That was good enough for me.

    Perhaps the most notable thing about this product is this one 8 oz bag can serve as a time machine. It can take you back to the snacks of yesteryear when salt, grease and unknown chemicals were considered attributes. Flavor ruled and it does in this snack. I am eating them like it's 1955. I suppose that is the basic nature of time machines...they take you back and make you forget about today. Thankfully.
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