Top 10 Breakfast Places

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RE: Top 10 Breakfast Places 2008/01/10 08:23:24 (permalink)
Originally posted by Big Ugly Mich

Originally posted by Big Ugly Mich
  • Frank's Diner in Kenosha, WI, but be warned, it's downtown, and be prepared to wait a while. When you go, get a garbage plate with home made bread,
On November 5th, the Kenosha News performed the ultimate service for its out of town readers by posting the recipe for Frank's garbage plate.

FRANKS DINER GARBAGE PLATE (the do-it-yourself version)

3 large eggs
1 cup hash browns
1/3 cup green peppers, chopped
1/3 cup onions, chopped
1 teaspoon jalapeno peppers, chopped
1/4 cup of any or all of the following: chopped tomatoes, sliced mushrooms, cubed ham, chopped bacon, crumbled sausage

Place the hashbrowns on your heating surface (a large electric frying pan or griddle is what I'd use) and add the green peppers, onions and jalapeno peppers. Mix them up with a spatula, then create a little mound with an indentation in the center (think volcano) and crack your eggs in that space. Mix the concoction around, letting it cook a little before adding your vegetables and meats. Continue cooking until the hashbrowsn are slightly crispy and meats are done.

How did they omit the cheese (about 1/4 to 1/3 cup of your choice, and added while the hashbrowns are just getting crisp, based on observation) in Wisconsin? My last Frank's garbage plate was a half garbage plate (about the size of this recipe) with chorizo sausage and blue cheese, and delicious.

Cheese is $.50 extra!
Baah Ben
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RE: Top 10 Breakfast Places 2008/01/10 09:25:40 (permalink)
Jo Jo's in Pittsburgh...Hand pattied fresh sausage (hot or mild) with eggs and served with big thick slices of Italian bread and legitimate homefries. The perfect roadfood breakfast

Pamela's in Pittsburgh..Absoluitely fantastic crepe like pancakes

Pancake Pantry in Nashville, TN - Top notch quality pancakes...Not pasty..Not heavy..just real good.

Original Pancake House - Love the 49'er crepe like pancakes. Excellent chain out of Oregon. Several locations. Pricy..You get what you pay for. Top quality pancake batters..The name of the game.

Al's Diner, Jersey City, NJ - Tic Tock, Clifton, NJ - Lots of great diners in the Garden State. It's all in their willingness to do the right thing..the good ones take the time and effort to make great home fries and use buttermilk in their pancake batters. They'll butter your toast with real, soft butter..They don't hand you cold butter pats! They make all their big cookies and cakes and danish with butter! Their linzer tarts have top quality raspberry jam..They give you warm syrup albeit not maple. It's the little things that make a difference.

Blue Boy Sandwich Shoppes, Jacksonville, FL - Massive breakfast sandwiches served on Greek Style bread

IHOP - Cream of Wheat pancakes...Great product in an otherwise so so breakfast chain

Brooklyn Diners - The good ones serve deep fried egg bread french toast with powdered sugar and strawberry preserves

The Crumpet Shop - Seattle (fantastic preserves to go along with this unique breakfast item)

Did not know McGuire's in Pensacola served breakfast...If it's anything like the quality of their lunch and dinner items, it has to be terrific. What a great place that is!

Most overrated IMHO...Sear's in San Francisco. Original owners gone and so is the quality. What a disappointment the last time we were there. Sorry Daawgon, but I respectfully disagree with your recommendation

Peach Valley - Ormond Beach, FL. They put in the effort here...Wonderul and unique breakfast items.

Rossi's - South Daytona Beach..As close as we have to a NJ Diner

Laihani Grill - Maui - Only because you can share your breakfast with the locals (birds). An experience one never forgets

The Camilla Grille - New Orleans - Huge omlets whipped up in a blender...Get the mushroom and cheese! Be prepared to wait...Watch those short order cooks perform right before your eyes. They are gooooood!

Charlies - Boston

Village Inns - Light and wonderful buttermilk pancakes. It's a chain, but they whip up their pancake batter and their omlets.

If the Waffle Houses would only serve real butter with their waffles, I'd be ok with them. Not great but they are everywhere!!
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RE: Top 10 Breakfast Places 2008/01/13 04:57:22 (permalink)
Well, I guess I will try to keep this short. Of course, while on the Road, and in a hotel, I LOVE room service, even in a place like Holiday Inn SELECT. Love eating in my PJs. And having real 1/2 & 1/2, a nice 1/2 bottle of champagne with my "friend", and then a nice little post, shall we say, activity nap. Yes. Oh yes. Then get on the hoof about 4pm. For lunch.
But seriously, here are just two of my favorite breakfasts. In LA, or nearby. Now, I know everyone thinks the Pacific Dining Car is really expensive, and that is true for steaks, BUT... in the last few years they have decided to serve breakfast 24 hours, and I tell you, it's really not a bad deal, when you are ready for a truly soothing, quiet, relaxed, beautifully presented breakfast. Okay, you might spend $15 on bacon & eggs. BUT THEY ARE REALLY GOOD, OKAY?? It's a place to take a parent, or girlfriend, or whatever. It's not like any other place I can think of. It's special. At 3 AM you and your friend can whisper at each other. And all of this, including the coffee cups, in EXPENSIVE china. I love it. Good Bloody Marys, too. This is NOT Denny's. DO NOT wear flip-flops and a tube top in here.
Now, I know a lot of people here like that other place with no locks on the door, The Original Pantry, also in DT LA, but I'm just not crazy about it. If I did more searching, I'm sure I would find others I liked a lot more than The OP.
Alright, for those of you lucky enough to spend a night or two in Ojai, which is an hour or two north of LA, here's a nice little place for brekkers, on the north side of the main drag, on the east side of town, I think it's called the Garden Terrace. Probably open 7 days/wk. They have the BEST breakfast potatoes I have ever seen. I love the outdoor seating (which implies ashtrays!), and overall, the quality of the food and service is just great. OH! Here's this too! While you are in Ojai, do your foodie booty a favor and stop in at the GREAT little department store (north side of the main drag) called "Rains", as in Claude Rains. It's fantastic, they have a really good buyer, and tons of pepper mills, sea salt, all kinds of dry goods like that. Be careful about how many credit cards you bring along, you might get in over your head.
Other than that, I can't recommend a lot of breakfast places. I have a place on Soto, around 26th St, called Joe K's Deli, that is dirt cheap, and pretty good, I just don't know if it's top 10 material. Then, there is a really odd place called Mike's Hockey Burger, at Olympic & Soto, which is just too strange to describe, but the food is fine. I'd love to hear other Angeleno thoughts on all these places.
-Scott Lindgren 213 219 7160

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RE: Top 10 Breakfast Places 2008/01/13 06:47:35 (permalink)
The Country Inn
4480 S Military Trl
Lake Worth, FL 33463
(561) 967-0450

Most incredible everything! There's nothing like it anywhere else down here!
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RE: Top 10 Breakfast Places 2008/01/13 08:04:18 (permalink)
Originally posted by jimsock9

The Country Inn
4480 S Military Trl
Lake Worth, FL 33463
(561) 967-0450

Most incredible everything! There's nothing like it anywhere else down here!

Aren't you missing nine more places...?!?!?! This is, after all, a Top Ten list!
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RE: Top 10 Breakfast Places 2008/01/14 20:16:22 (permalink)
Top Ten Breakfast taste bud's delight's
1. Flap Jack's Lynn Haven, Fl.
2. Sweet Tea's Lynn Haven. Fl.
3. Huddle House Alabama and Georga
4. Cracker Barrel all.
5. Huddle House all.
6. The Pantry Los Angeles, Ca.
7. Mary's Oceanside, Ca.
8. Broken Egg Panama City Beach, Fl.
9. Corman's Calaway, Fl.
10.Bayou Joe's Panama City, Fl.

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RE: Top 10 Breakfast Places 2008/01/15 10:40:23 (permalink)
Top Ten in my book.
1.Flap Jacks Lynn Haven,Fl.
2.Sweet Tease Lynn Haven, Fl.
3.Huddle House any and all.
4.The Pantry Los Angeles, Ca.
5.Coram's Calaway, Fl.
6.Cracker Barrel any and all.
7.Broken Egg Panama City Beach, Fl.
8.Bayou Joe's Panama City, Fl.
9.Waffle House Lynn Haven, Fl.
10.Mary's Oceanside, Ca.

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