Trip from WNY to Greenville, NC

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2010/02/28 19:53:25 (permalink)

Trip from WNY to Greenville, NC

I took this trip back in August when I helped my Mom move.  I wasn't very good at always having my camera handy but did take some photos of the food we ate. 

Frost Cafe-Culpeper, VA 
This place has been reviewed several times online and I'm a sucker for old diners so we had to stop.  It was about 90 degrees out and about 50 degrees inside this place.  I had to order hot food since it was so chilly inside the place.  I had the fish fry which I regretted ordering after it came.  Coming from Buffalo, NY where we have beer battered fish, I was expecting something similar.  It was not, and was possibly a commercial breaded-frozen fish.  Oh well, because the bread pudding made up for it!  It was dense, rich, and not too sweet.  It was a real treat for me since there are not many places that serve it here.

Hillside Family Restaurant-Burkeville, VA
We stayed at the Comfort Inn and this appeared to be the only restaurant in town and it was walking distance to the hotel on a rainy night.  The owner was a very funny and nice man and joked with us while we waited.  They served breakfast all day so of course I had to get french toast.  It was nothing special but at 8pm and no other choices I was happy.  I also had a slice of applesauce cake since I had never heard of it before.  It was dense, slightly moist, and topped with a shortening based frosting and mini chocolate chips.  The cake was pretty good but the frosting was not my thing. 

Back at the hotel... they had a resident cat who belonged to the hotel owner.  He was fat, and not that interested in us and lived in the front lobby area. 

Greenville, NC- Farmers Market
From afar we could hear this loud popping noise and I saw people walking around with ice cream... I ventured over to find a man making ice cream from a tractor!  He served chocolate and vanilla piled high in small bowls for $3, I think.  It was delicious and creamy.  Who doesn't love homemade ice cream on a hot NC day?

My mother decided to buy a house in Grifton so while we were looking at a few places we stopped at Andy's.  I do not eat fast food at home but regional chains when you are on vacation can be fun to stop at.  This particular location was packed (it was one of maybe 2 restaurants in town) and it has a cutesy 50's diner theme.  I had never heard of Andy's before but they served milkshakes and my Aunt insisted on taking us.  The chocolate shake was thick and creamy and quite good surprisingly.  I wouldn't go back to one but it was a fun experience.

Flea Market Empanada's
That pretty much says it all!  These were flaky, light, and stuffed with an apple filling.  I thought they were delicious, and again, we don't have too many places to get homemade empanada's back home.

Finally, Paiges Grille-Greenville, NC
I forgot to take my camera inside.  It is a classic diner style with tables and counter with stools.  When I asked about the pancake batter the cook came to the table to talk with us.  Normally I would feel a little shorted when I was told the pancakes were made from a dry mix bought at a store.  But they had a flavor so different, almost like an almond or blueberry taste.  I went to the store that night and bought a bag of it-Atkinsons Buttermilk Pancake mix, apparently an old NC milling company.  The ladies say a lot of people comment on the pancakes and they can't change to homemade now.


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    Re:Trip from WNY to Greenville, NC 2010/02/28 20:13:21 (permalink)
     Cool! I never knew that John Deere made an ice cream maker...  Nice trip, thanks for telling us about it. 
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    Re:Trip from WNY to Greenville, NC 2010/03/01 07:49:13 (permalink)
    I don't think I've ever had applesauce cake frosted, but I have had it with chocolate chips inside; it's also a good medium for any kind of nut etc.  Looks yummy!
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    Re:Trip from WNY to Greenville, NC 2010/03/04 15:43:11 (permalink)
    I don't know how I missed your report, but it looks like you had a good trip.  That bread pudding does look good, and you are right that it is hard to find.  Thanks for posting the report.
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