Trip to San Jose & San Francisco (w/pics)-Part 4

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2007/10/02 15:01:11 (permalink)

Trip to San Jose & San Francisco (w/pics)-Part 4

We made it to the Giants-Reds game at AT&T Park on Saturday night to watch the Giants barely squeak by with a 2-run shot in the late innings. It really is a beautiful park set right on the water with some great views and some interesting facts: The Giants were the first team in the MLB to have a female announcer. There is a place just outside of the right field wall where people can come and watch the day games for free for about 15-20 minutes. I just though it was a nice touch and a nod to the fans who have supported them. On to the pictures:

A bratwurst with sauerkraut and mustard. Julia seemed to like it.

Gilroy Garlic Fries. This is the one thing people say they eat at the park if they get nothing else. They looked great with lots of fresh garlic and parsley on them and they smelled so good I thought I got a "garlic contact high" from them. Sad to say, I was not enamoured of the texture. I'm pretty picky about my fries and these were somewhat greasy and I wish I could pinpoint where I've had fries of this texture before, but I know I didn't like them then.

Doug and Firouzeh

Our more than gracious hosts, Miriam and Ismael

A beautiful park!

A scoreboard shot of the park. If you look between the "glove" and the scoreboard, you'll see a small yellow building that is Orlando's Caribbean Barbecue. Orlando Cepeda is a Hall of Famer who played for the Giants and now makes the famed "Cha Cha Bowl" at his stand in the park. Large chunks of lean chicken marinated in a mild chili marinade and grilled to tender perfection lead the lineup in this healthy and hearty dish. As you make your way around the bowl, you discover a nice variety of flavorful ingredients: black beans and rice, julienne of zucchini and carrots, and depending on your own heat index, 4 kinds of toppings to choose from at the nearby salsa stand: BBQ, chipotle, hot jalapeno and hotter habanero (I found this description online). Unfortunately, I got there in the later innings and they were already closed. Man, I gotta work on my timing!

Me, Julia and Ismael outside of the park.

A shot walking towards the park.

A shot of McCovey's cove with kayakers eagerly awaiting a shot over the right field wall. They'd get their wish in the 8th inning.

Miriam, me, and Julia before the game.

The "Rock"

Me and the Golden Gate Bridge

Everyone after the game.

The "glove" in left field. I think if a Giant hits a home run there, money is donated to a charity.

We had some Ghirardelli hot chocolate at the game, but I didn't think it was that good. I found it to be a bit watery. I think I'm hooked on City Bakery's liquid nirvana that tastes like a melted chocolate bar.

I went for a bike ride with my friend Julia in Golden Gate Park. She bikes a lot and this was a great ride but a workout for me as I hadn't been on a bike in about 5 years. Everyone is SF seems to have a bike and is really into eating well (and very tasty food) as well as staying healthy. That park really seems to offer something for everyone and it was a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Here's me after the ride.

A windmill and flower bed at the entrance to the park.

Pics of the Japanese Garden

Pics of the Japanese Garden.

The Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park.

A rainbow that we saw after a rain shower.

Sunset on the drive back from Pismo Beach.

Sun rays in the morning on the way to Pismo.

Just some random shots I took from the plane. I think these were over Colorado and the Northern parts of Utah/Wyoming?

Made it Ghirardelli Square for some chocolate of course. They give out free squares when you come in and the chocolate does seem to taste fresher at the source than if I bought it here in NYC. It seems also that almost every corner store sells candy from Annabelle's as it's made in Hayward, CA. Big Hunk, Look, Uno, Abba Zabbas, Rocky Road. Hard to find here in the city. Also made a stop at See's for some chocolates. Very good. Love the molasses chips covered in dark chocolate!

P.S.-Mirm and Ismael, thank you so much for everything and especially for the wonderful breakfasts with the homemade tomatillo salsa. It was crazy good!

Until the next trip...

"Eating is an adventure, enjoy the ride!"

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    RE: Trip to San Jose & San Francisco (w/pics)-Part 4 2007/10/02 15:42:28 (permalink)
    What a great trip, write up and photos!..
    Everyone looked like they had a blast!
    ann peeples
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    RE: Trip to San Jose & San Francisco (w/pics)-Part 4 2007/10/02 19:41:06 (permalink)
    Great, absolutely great...
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    RE: Trip to San Jose & San Francisco (w/pics)-Part 4 2007/10/02 23:09:57 (permalink)
    nice ballpark pics...
    you're lucky to have such nice friends/hosts
    mr chips
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    RE: Trip to San Jose & San Francisco (w/pics)-Part 4 2007/10/05 03:15:47 (permalink)
    Loved the shots of the ballpark. i loved arriving by train and stared at the statue of boyhood idol Willie mays for a while. The coke bottle is actually a giant slide and Sam and his mom slid down it when we went to game there in 2004.
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    RE: Trip to San Jose & San Francisco (w/pics)-Part 4 2007/10/05 07:02:19 (permalink)
    All those geat pictures made me so homesick I almost wept.
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    RE: Trip to San Jose & San Francisco (w/pics)-Part 4 2007/10/08 03:15:02 (permalink)
    Nobody went to my favorite bayside greasy spoon (er, Roadfood place), The Java House, which sits across a small parking lot from AT&T Park? It's really a great place for a burger on a nice sunny afternoon but you have to be prepared to defend your food from the seagulls.

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