Trip to eastern NC

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2007/07/29 12:35:24 (permalink)

Trip to eastern NC

Wanted to give a trip report on a day trip I made to eastern NC to see Bath, NC (oldest city in NC) and try some famous NC barbecue and hot dog places.

1st seop was B's Barbecue in Greenville, NC to try their famous Barbecue Chicken and Barbecue. Found out B's was closed due to the death of the owner on Thursday. I understand he had been in failing health.

I headed to Ayden, NC to go to Bum's Restaurant. Bum's is a cafeteria style restaurant that opens every day at 4:30 AM for breakfast. Their barbecue is pit cooked. I got a barbecue plate with collards and cabbage which comes with a piece of cornbread and corn stick. The meal was out of this world especially the barbecue and collards. Their collards is much finer than any I have ever seen but beter than any I had ever eaten. Just a touch of Bum's barbecue sauce make the barbecue perfect.

Other patrons were eating beef stew and pork skins which looked might tasty as well. Bum was in the back hand chopping the pork which made me smile.

Bum's is also famous for its desserts especailly banana pudding. I inquired about the banana pudding and they told me it would be ready about 10 minutes. I gladly waited and got the banana pudding straight from the oven. Glad I waited.

Ended up getting the following to take home - a pound of barbecue with slaw and cornbread, pint of collards, rutabegas and green beans. Can't wait to have them this week.

I then went to Washington, NC and looked around the waterfront. Very nice. Then went to Bill's Hot Dogs which sells only hot dogs, chips and soft drinks. At 12:45 pm I was # 25 in line. Bill's is strictly take out and very interesting. The dogs are fried (very red), buns steamed and they have a hot white bean chili which I've never seen anywhere else. Hot dogs go for $ .88 each so they are really cheap. I got 2 all the way (mustard, chili and onions) with a Diet Dr. Pepper and sat down to eat at a park bench near the waterfront. The hot dogs were good and did have a kick that you don't normally find.

I then went to Goose Creek Park and walked out to the beach that backs up to the Pamlico Sound. Wish I had some more time here.

Then went to Bath and toured the 2 houses and churches that were built in the 1700's. The kitchen in one of the houses was in the basement. Also saw the largest frying pan I had ever seen. They said a special dessert that was made back then was hedgehodge made out of an almond paste. I had never heard of that.

Then drove to Bayview, Pamlico Beach and Belhaven. Bayview and Pamlico Beach are virtually undeveloped but nice in thier own right. Got to see a lot of corn and soybeans in the fields which is always nice. Then went to Belhaven which is a nice town with old houses. Stopped in the local wine store and talked to the owner for a little bit. Was looking to have a beer but there wasn't anywhere open at this time.

Went back to Washington and had a beer at the Curiousity Shoppe which is right down the street from Bill's . Would like to have dinner there sometime.

Then it was back to Ayden to go to the Skylight Inn. SKylight Inn is famous for thier pit cooked barbecue. Got a medium tray which comes with slaw and cornbread along with a Diet Mtn. Dew. They only sell sandwiches and trays here - no FF, Brunsick stew, etc. I liked Bum's a little better but maybe because I wasn't as hungry as I was in the morning. The sauce was very good as well. Skylight Inn leaves more of the cracklin in the barbecue. I got a pound of Barbecue to go along with slaw and cornbread and sauce. Intersting delivery method - a pound of barbecue comes in a tray with a giant piece of cornbread on top to hold it down. (more on that later)

Stopped in Raleigh at Shucker's Oyster bar (actually Wake Forest) to have a beer. Friends of mine who I haven't seen in awhile owned this place. Still thriving and I will have to get there for dinner soon.

On the way home I got a little hungry and decided to break off a piece of that cornbread from the Skylight Inn. I have to tell you - there's something about baked cornbread around 11 PM that soothes the soul.

Overall a great day.


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    RE: Trip to eastern NC 2007/07/29 13:15:06 (permalink)
    Steve, sounds like a great day trip. Thanks for sharing it with us...
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    RE: Trip to eastern NC 2007/07/29 13:47:56 (permalink)
    Overall a great day

    Overall, a great writeup. Thanks for the tips.
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    RE: Trip to eastern NC 2007/07/29 14:27:40 (permalink)
    Bum's has great vegetables. I love their collards and rutabagas, especially.

    Not sure whether you are planning to freeze any of your BBQ. Most BBQ freezes well except for Skylight's. Those pieces of cracklin' lose their texture when they are thawed and become globs of fat.
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    RE: Trip to eastern NC 2007/07/29 15:40:13 (permalink)
    I had family (Long Island refugees) living in that area for several years, Pamlico County near Oriental in a tiny place named Pamlico. My favorite thing to eat down there was crab-cakes, but I tended to have them in a restaurant that was considered too yankeyfied by the locals. It wasn't until my Mother died down there that I began to understand how much I was missing. It was January, and one of her friends brought over a plate of fried soft-shell crabs, in keeping with the local custom at such times. This was in January so I assume it was the last of what she had in her freezer from the year before. Oh my they were like food from another world they were so good!

    I've had pretty good crab-cakes elsewhere, but I've never had anything like those soft-shells.

    I've had no call to go back there much since, but if I ever do you can be sure I will be looking to have crabs every chance I get! And I apologize for not being able to tell you where to find them. 8-(
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    RE: Trip to eastern NC 2007/07/30 07:15:47 (permalink)
    Thanks for the nice report.

    I absolutely love the Skylight, and consider it my favorite eastern Carlolina barbecue. Those skin bits are unique in my experience, and are the reason I place it above Wilbers for eastern style. However, don not make the mistake of reheating it in a microwave. The crusty skin bits will turn soggy - not a good thing to me.

    Will certainly try Bums the next time we're down that way. Are they open for breakfast as well?
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    RE: Trip to eastern NC 2007/07/30 07:18:20 (permalink)
    oops, just reread Steve's original post. Don't know that we'll be there at 4:30 for breakfast, but will certainly stop there.
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    RE: Trip to eastern NC 2007/07/30 07:33:46 (permalink)
    Sounds like you did some really good eating. Thanks for the report!

    I am going to be in that area later this year for an ECU football game, so you gave me some really good ideas.
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    RE: Trip to eastern NC 2007/07/30 08:14:36 (permalink)
    thanks for the report...I really hate to hear
    that the owner of B's passed away...he was a legend
    in Eastern NC q.

    he had been in poor health for over a year now,
    and had already turned over most of the operation
    to younger family members. Hopefully it won't change.
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    RE: Trip to eastern NC 2007/08/08 22:56:48 (permalink)
    Had the last of Skylight Inn barbcue tonight. Still very tasty. Did remove some of the fatty pieces as they didn't hold up too well as noted. Reheated the 'cue in the toaster oven - thanks for the tips. The sauce I brought back was a smart call.
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