Turkey burger?

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2008/01/28 18:29:45 (permalink)

Turkey burger?

Has anyboey ever had a good one? The only experience I have had is a very over spiced piece of dry meat. Refuse to try another.

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    RE: Turkey burger? 2008/01/29 05:28:00 (permalink)
    No...No...No...just never did it for me.Oh I know the supposed health benefits etc., but taste is a turn off...ditto veggie burgers!
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    RE: Turkey burger? 2008/01/29 09:32:04 (permalink)
    I've had some good ones. First off don't look at it as a hamburger substitute, it's another meal option all together, so set you expectation. I buy the chopped turkey meat and make my own burgers. I normally leave them rather plain for the kids but I add a dash of hot sauce, a little BBQ sauce, whatever I feel like at the time. Also the cooking time is different, much quicker the beef so you have to get it off the grill quick before it dries out. I never cared for the premade, only the chopped, or the store made, which is the chopped preformed. Play around a little, some bacon and BBQ sauce dresses them up nicely.
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    RE: Turkey burger? 2008/01/29 09:57:30 (permalink)
    These can really be a challenge, you want them cooked through, but still juicy. I find the best way is to make my own, and do it up almost like a meatloaf. Add chopped onion or green pepper, some mushrooms also help give moisture. Add salt, pepper, Worcestershire, the finely diced vegatables, and even sometimes an egg and some breadcrumbs.

    I’ve grilled them, but a skillet works better.

    They aren’t as good as a real beef burger, but they are healthier!
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    RE: Turkey burger? 2008/01/30 09:26:08 (permalink)
    I have had some Turkey meat meatloaf and have to say it was really good.
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    RE: Turkey burger? 2008/01/31 10:46:42 (permalink)
    I make my own, using:

    Lean ground turkey
    Freshly & finely chopped onions
    Stubbs Bar-B-Q Spice Rub
    Freshly frozen thyme, marjoram, basil, oregano

    Put in a ziploc freezer bag and let sit 24 hours in the fridge.

    Grill them on a panini press.

    They are moist and just delicious.

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