UPDATE ON Mountain Biscuits (Formerly) of Marietta, GA

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2018/04/30 15:55:57 (permalink)

UPDATE ON Mountain Biscuits (Formerly) of Marietta, GA

Greetings Roadfood friends, 
I know I don't post a ton anymore, but my reputation of showing up at places only to find them closed precedes me, and if I can share some information that may prevent someone else from doing the same thing, then I am all for it.
Weekend before last, I spent a long weekend in the Atlanta, GA area to see my beloved Mets play the hated Braves in each game of their four-game series. Unfortunately, given the Braves relocation to a hideously inconveniently located stadium, that meant that a good bit of my trip was spent in suburbia Hell. On Saturday, before the game began I had some errands to run and that led me up near the historic Kennesaw Mountain National Historic Battlefield (sorry, no pictures of that endeavour). That led to a meal stop at the now archived Roadfood-reviewed Mountain Biscuits

The good news? Well, they were open.  The staff was exceptionally friendly. And, really, the food was pretty darn good. 
They make a decent chicken biscuit

Unfortunately, my memory of this biscuit is tainted by the fact that I went to my favorite chicken biscuit place, the Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen in Chapel Hill, NC this past week. Still, this was a good effort. I also had their bacon biscuit

Again, while good, I don't know that it was my favorite. I would have preferred some crispier bacon. I topped off my breakfast with some dessert - a chocolate meringue pie.

Honestly, I don't really like uber-sweet things early in the day, which is why I didn't order the review-recommended deep fried cinnamon roll or deep fried biscuits, in the form of a beignet. But, really, this pie may have been the highlight of my stop. 
As for the bad news, as I was making my purchase, the girl helping me noted that I said that it was my first time there and she told me it would likely be my last. I am sure I gave her my baffled look, as they were quite busy, so it could not be a lack of business that would cause them to close. She told me that they would be closing the following Saturday and moving to Dallas. I, the out-of-towner, immediately thought that she meant Dallas, Texas; not Dallas, Georgia. She directed me to a note, left by the owner, for her customer base that was posted on the storefront window. 

I hope you can read the gist of the message. In short, it appears as though the restaurant was founded by a single mom who was able to help raise her family with the help of the business and is very grateful for that opportunity. In turn, at this point in the business's life, she is moving the place to the former Huddle House restaurant, which I suspect is bigger than their current digs, in Dallas, GA. The note says that they hope to open in about 45 days (so, roughly mid-June) and that another restaurant will be moving in to occupy their former location in the old gas station in Marietta. 
Now, if the world were spinning on its proper axis, I would have showed up for a biscuit breakfast this *coming* weekend, or a week after they closed down; not a week before their closing. As it is, maybe my information will help someone else from making my usual mistake. 
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    Re: UPDATE ON Mountain Biscuits (Formerly) of Marietta, GA 2018/05/01 05:17:41 (permalink)
    Thanks for the update, albeit sad news. I will archive the review.
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    Re: UPDATE ON Mountain Biscuits (Formerly) of Marietta, GA 2018/05/01 06:49:54 (permalink)
    And, of course, I will be in Atlanta next week.  Thanks for letting us know TTM.
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    Re: UPDATE ON Mountain Biscuits (Formerly) of Marietta, GA 2018/05/01 11:10:32 (permalink)
    We don't see much from you these days TTM...so gotta keep it alive!
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    Re: UPDATE ON Mountain Biscuits (Formerly) of Marietta, GA 2018/05/01 12:39:01 (permalink)
    speakin of folks we dont see much of round these parts no more......
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