URGENT!!!!! Beef Short Ribs

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2004/07/02 21:34:45 (permalink)

URGENT!!!!! Beef Short Ribs

K..I need someone to gimme some keys to fixin beef short ribs...recipes, cooking tips, etc...gonna make them tomorrow!!!!!HELP!



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    RE: URGENT!!!!! Beef Short Ribs 2004/07/02 22:06:33 (permalink)
    Short Ribs have to be braised, cooked slow slow slow ... with a little liquid in a COVERED roaster pan. If you try to grill them or cook them with a dry, direct method, you'll end up with something that's tough and unchewable. Suggestion, Heavy pan, with cover, or heavy duty foil ... Add onions, Garlic(several whole heads), celery & Carrots ... Place your short ribs on top of the veggies ... Tons of salt & pepper put a half cup of something wet ... Onion Soup, Sure,
    But consider red wine, or dark beer ... Not too much, they should have to swim, this ain't soup.
    Cover the pan and put in a slow 300-325 oven, and forget about them for 2-3 hrs. Then pull the short rib out, remove the garlic to squeeze into roast garlic mashed potatoes ... Removed the veggies, boil down and thicken the pan juices to make gravy ... That's the suggestion for Beef Short Ribs ... If you got Beef Ribs, the bone off the Prime Ribs, well that' s another suggestion ...
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    RE: URGENT!!!!! Beef Short Ribs 2004/07/02 22:36:18 (permalink)
    The only way I eat short ribs is grilled. I'm going to be grilling some nice short ribs this Sunday for the 4th of July. Here is my recipe, please try it you will love it.


    Beef Short Ribs (4 lbs), Large Green Onions (2), Garlic (4 cloves), Soy Sauce (3/4 cup), Sesame Oil (1 tbs), Sesame Seeds (2 tbs), White Vinegar (1/4 tbs), Sugar (2 tbs), Black Pepper (1/4 tbs), Onion (1/4), Water (1/4 cup)

    1.The meat
    a) Trim the excess fat from the meat
    b) Score the meat deeply, almost to the bone

    2. The marinade
    a) Dice up onion and mix in a mixer with a few spoons of
    water until solution becomes liquid.
    b) Mince garlic
    c) Chop green onions
    d) Put onion solution, garlic, and the green onions into a
    container and add soy sauce, sesame oil, sesame seed,
    white vinegar, sugar, black pepper and water.

    3. Add meat into marinade and let it sit in refridgerator overnight.

    4. Cook on a grill until well done.
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    RE: URGENT!!!!! Beef Short Ribs 2004/07/02 23:21:10 (permalink)
    short ribs are weird....they are really thick....I cut all of the extra fat off like everyone says..but there is a REAL thick piece of fat in the middle separating the meat on the bone and another layer of meat.. I didn't know really what to do so I pulled that other layer off and am marinating them in with the ribs like little steaks...I didn't know what else to do...SO if anyone knows what I'm talking about, let me know if I messed up..

    also, Thankyou to hotdogger and pigface for the tips...

    btw I'm also smoking up some of my own special baby backs....I could eat them everyday..

    Since we don't have any decent rib places that I know of around here...cept Bandana's....I have to cook ribs pretty often, which isn't a bad thing...but I would like the opportunity to go around and compare.

    For anyone traveling to Springfield, MO...They have a place called Rib Crib which is pretty good.

    We are going to the Memphis area next week...one of my customers said there is a place down there which he saw on the food channel that is supposed to be THE Place for Ribs....I'll let ya'll know how it turns out.

    Thanks again

    Bill B.
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    RE: URGENT!!!!! Beef Short Ribs 2004/07/04 14:12:21 (permalink)
    Season them with a little pepper. Pour a cup of cooking sherry into a crock pot. Stuff the crock pot with meaty beef short ribs, leaving room for some thick onion slices on top. Take the crock pot to work with you and plug it in at your desk. Drive your coworkers crazy all day and enjoy a late afternoon FEAST.
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