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2006/03/22 00:51:58 (permalink)

Update for Al

On Farmer Boys.

You'll be very disappointed next time you order a burger. They've downsized the patties to the point of being ridiculous. Paper thin comes to mind.

And the onions in the onion rings are always al dente, which means with the first bite the whole onion slice pulls free of the breading. I don't care what anyone says, cooked onions aren't supposed to be served al dente. They're also tough, as in old leathery onions.

Same goes for the zucchini, past al dente to hard.

Tbis may just be the Cherry and Slover store, as each location is independently owned and operated. I haven't tried the next closest, which is Jurupa and Etiwanda.

Caveat emptor Al and Janet.

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    mayor al
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    RE: Update for Al 2006/03/22 09:12:42 (permalink)
    Jack, You're Talking about Shooting the Easter Bunny !! There goes 50% of my desire to FF while on the next SoCal Roadtrip!
    Thank's Capt. for the update. I hate to be singing the praises of the place while it is sliding downhill.
    It sounds like another classic case of Beancounters taking over the menu.
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    RE: Update for Al 2006/03/22 18:06:48 (permalink)
    Al and enginecapt -
    Sorry to report that the Farmer Boys in Escondido is not so hot either. And they are building a second one even closer to my house.
    The saddest thing is - met some people in town who were vacationing from Michigan - they said it was their favorite place in Escondido.
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    RE: Update for Al 2006/03/22 22:38:37 (permalink)
    Left coast heat must have gotten to them..
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