Upscale Burgers

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2010/07/22 11:02:52 (permalink)

Upscale Burgers

It seems every "chef" now days just has to have "their" burger.
They keep trying to reinvent the wheel. Saw one on AHT for 24 bucks, with ohhhhh skinny fries!!! Well any Steak and Shake in the country has skinny fries.
Give me a  cheeseburger down at the corner bar anytime.  

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    Double Chili Cheeseburger
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    Re:Upscale Burgers 2010/07/22 12:19:29 (permalink)
    My sentiments exactly............ a berger is a berger is a berger..... something like sex's all good just some are better then others...  A big surprise for me was a berger I had at the Hard Rock Cafe (Lake Tahoe) a few weeks ago, pretty good berger I'd say.  I know, your wondering what the hell was an old guy like me doing in a Hard Rock Cafe..... lol 
        I was slamming the crap table at Harvey's Casino one night and when I'm losing I get hungry... Harvey's has a Hard Rock Cafe inside the casino, it was close and handy so I wondered in and was pleasantly surprised. 
    the ancient mariner
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    Re:Upscale Burgers 2010/07/22 12:50:55 (permalink)
    When, at the age of 51, I was on my own for the first time I sat down and made a list of places to have dinner,  #! was----

    Where can i sit at the bar, have a great burger, a cold beer or two and talk to some real guys.  The place was a bar not far from my shop----and there I plopped many a night. 
    Double Chili Cheeseburger
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    Re:Upscale Burgers 2010/07/22 18:10:56 (permalink)
    I think these upscale burgers are a fad. A possible reason for burgers is the bad economy. People will try them once or twice, then realize they are paying a fortune for something no better than, as Fishtaco said, the burger served down at the local bar.
    Double Chili Cheeseburger
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    Re:Upscale Burgers 2010/07/22 21:43:59 (permalink)
    I agree with David. The few "upscale" burgers I've had were OK (some even good) but way overpriced. I've had better, for less money, in many a corner bar in my time.

    Now all we need here in Scotch Plains is that good local bar with a good burger (I've said that before..)
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    Re:Upscale Burgers 2010/07/27 18:32:06 (permalink)
    upscale is sometimes worth it. Just not over the top price.
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    Re:Upscale Burgers 2010/07/27 21:31:37 (permalink)
    I have to admit I can be a sucker for it... and about half of the time it's worth it.

    I have a neighbor that loves to experiment with such things.  His lamb burger with foie gras in the center was just ridiculously good... and probably cost around $5/burger to make. Some of the more extravagant offerings at Terry's Turf Club in Cinci are well worth their price as well.

    I guess for me if the pleasure you get from it is greater than from a regular burger and equal to the price, then I see no real reason to complain... as long as you don't bring your expectations of what a burger is or should be with you to the table.  I love a good plain ole burger, but I don't see why it should necessarily be exempt from experimentation.

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