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2004/04/17 16:53:05 (permalink)


Hey Guys! I just got a bunch of venison given to me and was wondering how I should cook it. I don't know wether I should make jerky, other than that waht is some other good ways to Q it?

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    RE: VENISON 2004/04/18 02:29:21 (permalink)
    Depends on what cuts you recieved. Did you get center-cut loin? Tenderloin? Rib loin? Shoulder meat? Leg meat? Or just "stew meat". I would not make jerky out of beautiful center-cut loin chops or the tenderloin or rib chops! Give us more info please!
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    RE: VENISON 2004/04/18 08:57:47 (permalink)
    and pasmokers-- if you don't find anything good to do with it-- you could always send it my way!!! *KIDDING*
    you could make venison jerky
    chili ( if you got venison burger)
    if you had the shoulders smoked-- just bake them like you would a ham except cover it with brown sugar and coke .. that's all. it'll be the best tasting thing to cross your lips...
    enjoy it!
    and let us know what you ended up doing with it..::)
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    RE: VENISON 2004/05/07 18:11:24 (permalink)
    I agree w/ lleechef. It really depends on the cut. but a little primer for venison: it dries out fast, so if your going to smoke or grill it, marinade it and keep it well basted.

    my favorite way to serve deer is to take the loin chops, and soak them over night in milk. then salt and pepper them, bread them, and fry them in a little bacon grease, and have them with molasses and biscuits. A smoked loin with some herbs on it is great as an entree, shoulders & hind quarters seem to do me well to smoke and then cut up for poboy meat. sometimes, you have to pound on it w/ a tenderizer.

    I will use the "stew meat" to make sausage, just remember to add one part lard or olive oil for every three parts meat on sausage. for any venison that will be cooked directly w/ minimal seasoning (frying, grilling, smoking), I prefer to soak the meat in milk overnight to remove some of the gamey taste.
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