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2010/09/29 11:32:32 (permalink)


I recently visit the Smoking Coop in Belvidere, I went their with high expectation of receiving some real good home stlye cooking BARBEQUE ! After talking to a few people at work the (Coop )was recomended so I decided to stop by .....  The first time I stopped by they where closing, it had a southern appeal which was nice, had few locals eating outside, so I decided That I would try them next time...... What did I do that for  ?  Well about 2 months later as I was pulling up I ask the gentleman outside( I use that term very loosely ) if they where still open ; he looked at me and grumbled while nodding his head yes, I really had no concern for his rude behavior( maybe he was having a bad day, don't know I JUST WANTED BARBEQUE !  I saw a sign that stated ; DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT PARKING HERE ! I thought that was pretty cool so I deceided to pull 20ft to the right of the sign closer to the ordering booth but not to close, didn't wan't exhaust fuems to enter cabin plus considering it was close to closing time and  the lot was empty, I just wanted to ask young lady if they took credit cards, that way if I to had  hurry to get cash I could jump in truck and leave... before I could ask the lady any thing, the old white guy(one to the life on owner pic)  came around corner yelling and screaming move your DAM Vehicle, if you want to ask a question park your F/ing vehicle and walk up to the window and ask the dam question, I told the guy hold up I just want to ask if you take credit cards " /> ; he went on ranting a raven, the old guy even threaten to punch me!   I found that pretty funny! I told him he was more than welcome to try !! I'm over 210 lb's very physical fit !!! I told him if he ever thought about putting his hands on me I would CRUSH HIM! he immediatly stepped back and told the young lady to call the COPS ! I told the guy just relax, didn't want him to stroke out ! for what, cause I'm trying to order some food, I'm trying to speeend a little money at YOUR establishment  ? He kept screaming get off my property  So I called the cops on him ! I told the guy I don't get intimidate, I was hoping that this wasn't his tactic ! just say you rather not do business with a guy like me ( read between the line ), not only that the older lady on the pic. had arrived and started taking pic. of my truck like I just attack them " />, I told her I just wanted to know if you guys took credit cards before the old guy snapped out, she started screaming; get off my property !... I was leaving to never return but, i wasn't going anywhere until the DEPUTY got their, I wasn't going to give THAT particular type of guy nor women the chance to manipulate the story in there favor! Once the deputy got their I explain what happen an he was sort of SHOCKED because of the situation !! That was first time in 4yr's since being in  Rockford and Belvidere that I was chellenge in what I think was a clear cut RACIST SHOWING .... I RECOMMEND NOT EATING NOR SUPPORTING SUCH BEHAVIOR ! It could have been just a small misunderstanding , but i don't think so... From the moment the guy looked at me, his eyes told the TRUTH !!!  U tell me ? I should have left as soon as that guy approach me with that demeanor, I was close to knocking the S@&@ out of him ! If he was about  15 to 20 yr's younger I would have !!!!         

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    Re:VERY BAD EXPERIENCE !!!! 2010/09/29 11:57:11 (permalink)
    First post, hmmmmmm!
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    Re:VERY BAD EXPERIENCE !!!! 2010/09/29 12:24:16 (permalink)
    What a strange story....why was it racist?
    mayor al
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    Re:VERY BAD EXPERIENCE !!!! 2010/09/29 12:27:53 (permalink)
    I take it the first-time poster had less than a Happy Meal at The Smokey Coop. BTW is that Co-Op or 'Coupe'. Somehow I don't think we are getting an objective evaluation of his 'Virgin Visit' to this place.  But then perhaps someone can confirm or reject the behaviors he describes as 'Racist' from the owner/operator??
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    Re:VERY BAD EXPERIENCE !!!! 2010/09/29 12:36:59 (permalink)
    I looked it up, Al. It's coop, as in chicken coop.
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    Re:VERY BAD EXPERIENCE !!!! 2010/09/29 13:01:40 (permalink)
    Yeah!  Us old guys rock.  If we tell you to move the car, move the f***ing car.
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    Re:VERY BAD EXPERIENCE !!!! 2010/09/29 13:14:25 (permalink)
    I looked at pictures of the place. Everything in front of the building is for outdoor seating. So if one pulled up in a truck anywhere near the ordering booth they would be parking where they shouldn't I would think.
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    Re:VERY BAD EXPERIENCE !!!! 2010/09/29 13:15:31 (permalink)
    It looks like "our" Brad Olson gave it a good review on here:
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    Re:VERY BAD EXPERIENCE !!!! 2010/09/29 13:43:19 (permalink)
    It looks like the owner's last name is Cooper, so maybe "Coop" is a nickname?
    I've had friends with that surname that went by Coop.
    Anyway, always leery of 1st posts that are like this. 
    Will be more interesting if "Mr.William" responds to any of this.
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    Re:VERY BAD EXPERIENCE !!!! 2010/09/29 13:47:04 (permalink)
    I did, and I was honest about it.  The day I was there both the owner and his daughter were quite friendly.
    If the police were called it would've been the Boone County Sheriff's Department that handled it.  I'll do a little digging to see if there's anything online.
    Hmmm...I could file a Freedom Of Information Act request with the Sheriff!
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    Re:VERY BAD EXPERIENCE !!!! 2010/09/29 15:26:35 (permalink)
    As a fellow of color myself, I say you, my brother, sould like a jerk.
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    Re:VERY BAD EXPERIENCE !!!! 2010/09/29 15:42:27 (permalink)
    Shrug. If I knew you, I'd listen, but since I don't, I won't. Buh bye.
    Tom, Please allow me to borrow this space to tell folks that this thread is now closed. I am not sure if it was valid or not, but it seems to be headed for trouble.  End of message. This is not connected to Tom's Post except for using his space.
    Mayor Al
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