Vegetable Plates I Have Known and Loved

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RE: Vegetable Plates I Have Known and Loved 2006/07/02 08:48:26 (permalink)
Hearts of lettuce salad. Where has that item gone? It use to be on a lot of menus never see it anymore. There are a couple of places that I'm a somewhat of a regular coustomer and they make it for me when asked. Another salad item that has dissapeared is the Waldorf salad great for a summer luncheon. Chow Jim
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RE: Vegetable Plates I Have Known and Loved 2006/07/02 14:46:45 (permalink)
I love Threadgills Armadillo World Headquarters in Austin, TX on Riverside drive near Congress Ave. Some of their vegetables are healthy: Broccoli, Green Beans, Cabbage, Carrots etc. But - Being the "Phood-o-Phile" that I am, I loved: Squash casserole, spinach casserole, broccoli casserole, scalloped potatoes (it's been 3 years, I can't remember) Anyway, I loved their 5-vegetable plate. Everything used cheese and love as their ingredients - plus great candid photos of Janis Joplin, Bruce Springsteen on the walls from back when Austin used to be a REAL rock-n-roll town! GREAT cornbread muffins!
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RE: Vegetable Plates I Have Known and Loved 2006/07/19 16:27:43 (permalink)
Mert's in Charlotte SC. Only time I've ever liked collards. Amazing squash, mac & cheese, and cornbread, too. Also loved the sides at Elliston Place in Nashville TN, especially the squash cassarole, but I had a delicious slice of ham with 'em so it doesn't really count. ;)
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RE: Vegetable Plates I Have Known and Loved 2009/03/28 18:28:45 (permalink)
We moved to the south over 25 years ago - after having lived our lives in the plains states and the southwest.  The south definitely knows how to do vegetables.  Our first introduction was the lamented Po' Folks chain - now Folks in the Atlanta area.  I enjoyed their fried chicken and catfish - but I usually ordered a vegetable plate.

Now there are several places around the Atlanta area for the traditional meat and three type meals.  Chip's Country Cookin' in Alpharetta uses only fresh vegetables according to their menu.  Midway Meal House in Cumming has been around for years.  Family Traditions has two locations - Hickory Flat and Towne Lake (both in Cherokee County).  All three are very good.  The Collonade and Mary Mac's in Atlanta are well known for their excellent southern food preparation.  All five places serve consistently good vegetables - unlike the popular restaurants in much of this great country of ours.

Have you noticed how many of the topics above relate to potatoes?  Potatoes are probably more creatively prepared outside of the south - but when you want okra, squash (winter or summer), corn, beans of any kind, rutabagas, greens of various types, come to the south and enjoy!
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