Vocabulary for Ice cream fountain drinks

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2006/05/02 01:56:20 (permalink)

Vocabulary for Ice cream fountain drinks

I know I read a fantastic thread here about regional names for fountain drinks but I cannot find it...So I am starting a new one and maybe someone can link me up to the old one please?
In Flint Michigan....we call a vanilla ice cream and Vernors that is blended a CREAM ALE....Some yahoos " />in Dearborn/Detroit call this same thing a BOSTON COOLER. What I always knew as a BOSTON COOLER (in Flint MI) was vanilla ice cream blended with COCA-COLA. A drink called a BROWN COW was root beer and vanilla ice cream blended together. I remember reading a book I think was "Harriet the Spy" and she drank EGG CREAMS. Well I think it was "Harriet the Spy"...lol!
What is a egg cream? What is a brown cow and Boston cooler were you are? Oh yes... we call two scoops of vanilla ice cream in any flavor soda (we say 'pop" here!) a FLOAT!
Oh yes...is there such a thing as a "BLACK COW"?

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    RE: Vocabulary for Ice cream fountain drinks 2006/05/02 19:49:44 (permalink)
    Black cow.. Root beer float with chocolate syrup..
    Brown cow-I do coke and ice cream ...(coke float in my house).. just depends on where your are at and who is making it, I guess.

    You got me curious, I just did a google search and found this link.
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    RE: Vocabulary for Ice cream fountain drinks 2006/05/13 20:57:34 (permalink)

    Ahh, the New York egg cream, one of the yummiest things ever. To make an egg cream you mix milk and chocolate syrup together (U-bet chocolate syrup is the classic choice) and then add seltzer. It is light, foamy, sweet with a little tang from the seltzer and incredibly refreshing.

    Really good with a knish and some pickles.
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