Voss's question...

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2008/09/09 16:46:33 (permalink)

Voss's question...

I read in the review that the BBQ turkey was the best. I saw the picture and did a double take I went back and blew it up and got a better look. I see prue white withe no grain. The only tome Ive ever seen that is in a processed turket breast. I used them in a number of places as they cut so perfect and are moist and juicy. You wont find that in a roasted or smoked bird. My guess is they got a precooked butter ball or some brand and then smoked it for a great flavor. Tll me if Im wrong but i vould never get that texture srome a fresh cooked bird,
Help here!

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    Bruce Bilmes and Susan Boyle
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    RE: Voss's question... 2008/09/09 17:05:41 (permalink)
    billyboy could probably provide more detail, but Voss almost certainly does not cook their turkey from scratch. They certainly do not smoke anything here. It's not that kind of place. The thing about these old-style New York State "BBQ" places is that it's not really barbecue. The meat is served with barbecue sauce. It's an old Upstate favorite.
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    RE: Voss's question... 2008/09/10 01:33:12 (permalink)
    I was wondering how soon it would take someone to have questions about this place! brittneal, I submitted a review recently which should post soon, but for now, check out my Central NY Trip Report, which goes into more detail:

    http://www.roadfood.com/forums/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=29719 (Central NY trip-August 2008)

    Voss' doesn't do any slmoking and I'm pretty sure that the meat is a sliced deli-style variety. The thing about CNY BBQ Sandwiches is that is really is not the meat that makes them "BBQ" sandwiches, but the sauce. I grew up on these since I can remember. Bruce was right in that it is not barbeque, at least not in the traditional sense that most folks associate with the word (smoked meats, pits, etc...).

    Another variation of these sandwiches is the Hot Ham BBQ sandwich, which at many places would have pickle relish mixed into the BBQ sauce. Some other places I remember are The Pie Stand in Rome, NY, Bonomo's Dari-Creme in Kirkland, NY and Eddie's Restaurant in Sylvan Beach, NY. In the same way that Michigan style hot dogs are popular in Northern NY, so is this style of barbeque in Central NY.

    I think you can certainly get a moist and juicy bird that has been roasted or smoked, but there is a huge textural difference between a deli style Butterball and a roasted Plainville turkey. Both have their charms. These sandwiches, though, would not be the same if not for the sauce. Hope this helps.

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    RE: Voss's question... 2008/09/10 15:49:12 (permalink)
    Lots of places (myself included for my catering gogs) use a boneless turkey breast for smoking/queing.
    Not quite the deli style sliced product

    It provides a stable product, smokes extremely well, does not dry out to much.

    It is one of my favorites to eat and prepare

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