WASP food?

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RE: WASP food? 2007/10/01 23:56:06 (permalink)
Someone mentioned Welsh rarebit, which is a take on Welsh rabbit. Welsh rabbit is a rabbit dish involving a wine and cheese sauce. When rabbit was unavailable bread was used in its place and given the name Welsh rarebit. I'm not sure if that counts as a WASP food since the Welsh are not of Anglo-Saxon background, but they are neighbors to Anglo-Saxons.
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RE: WASP food? 2007/10/09 14:34:56 (permalink)
The only edible dish at my WASP-y private school was Shepard's Pie. Quintessential English comfort food. Everyone brought their lunches for the rest of the menu (various cassarole-ish things with creamy sauces and mystery meat). No idea why the Shepard's Pie was so good.
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RE: WASP food? 2007/10/14 20:17:04 (permalink)
WASPs don't eat, dinner is the olives in the Martini's.

And the food.. Come on...No Southern fried style, no spices, just mild, starchy, and safe?
Nothing wrong with "white" people food(Beans & franks, mayo rock me), but WASPy only you narrow it down much. :-)

That's why my Middle Eastern/Indian friend's have way better/more food at their get togethers.

Decent WASPy food I imagine is Chicken Cordon Blue, Cornish Hen,
Crab Cakes, lobster anything, Clam Chowder, Pound Cake, Strawberry Shortcake, Fondue ? Anything New England.

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RE: WASP food? 2007/10/15 18:42:49 (permalink)
I would say there are two strands of WASP's in America. There are the northeastern variety and the southern ones. Both groups have the same pedigree, but the culture and the food differ.

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RE: WASP food? 2007/10/15 18:56:33 (permalink)
grilled pimento cheese on white bread.
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RE: WASP food? 2007/10/16 13:37:47 (permalink)
Ah, yes. Southern WASP. That would be me.

Actually we eat what every one else down here eats. Just our parties and celebrations tend to be a bit more upscale...crab cakes with comeback dressing, very rare beef tenderloin with tiny yeast rolls and horseradish, almost NO ranch dressing, grilled fresh asparagus,and some "fifties food", such as tomato aspic.

And we don't mind being called WASPs, or really any of the other names. Most of us pretty much like who we are. And we DO make fun of ourselves!!!
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RE: WASP food? 2007/10/16 14:08:06 (permalink)
Oh come on. There is not southern wasp and northern. Are you white? Are you of angle saxon descent? Historically germanic tribes but people have also used it to include anglo celtic and anglo- norman. So, let's just say most of western europe is covered leaving out those pesky catholic italians and spainish. Leaves us to the last part. Are you Protestant? If you say yes to Jesus, but no to the Pope...ding, ding, ding...you're it.

Babtist, Lutheran,Presbyterian, Tent-revival snake charmer, what have you. I'm very sorry. I know people like to feel very unique and need their labels for other people. "WASP? Oh, that sounds bad, must just be the New England Martini set, and not me." Oh no, that's the definition. Finding it hard to name things other than stereotypical food? That's because it's a really big group from different countries who settled all over America and Canada...well, let's face it, they were not called colonialists for nothing, they went everywhere. What symbolizes a WASP most is not any type of food, but a land grab. But then, too many other religions/nationalities did that as well.

This thread quickly became a lesson is stereotypes.
the ancient mariner
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RE: WASP food? 2007/10/16 15:26:07 (permalink)
Almost anything English. I have worked in their kitchens--never saw garlic,
in fact I was 30 yrs old before I knew garlic existed. Never saw oregano---
as a matter of fact never saw any spices except salt and pepper. Never saw
salad of any kind but chicken, roast beef and lamb (mutton) were on most menus.

And everything had to be done in the proper manner. I have worked for people
who got dressed for dinner every night. They had no idea where the kitchen
was in their house or what was in it---they got dressed for dinner and sat at
the dining room table and were served whatever the cook had come up with. They,
of course, made suggestions but ate their roast beef and yorkshire pudding and
withdrew to the drawing room for dessert or brandyand the TV.

But that was a long time ago and I assume things have changed---what the menu
is now I would assume is frozen something or other from the Natural Food store.
"Our food has never been touched by human hands."

From the immortal Julia Childs---"the prettier the food on the plate looks, the
more fingers have touched it". Or something like that !!! RIP Julia

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RE: WASP food? 2007/10/16 16:46:43 (permalink)
I'm a HWPASA*. I eat anything.

*Half White Partially Anglo Saxon Atheist
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RE: WASP food? 2007/10/16 21:17:29 (permalink)
Complete list of WASP spices:
Salt (from a box)
Pepper (black from a can)
Season All (Seasoned Salt)
Sonny Funzio
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RE: WASP food? 2007/10/30 10:28:01 (permalink)
Saw a cookbook on tv this morning that looked to be a "New WASP" cookbook ... "Park Avanue Potluck".
"New" WASP because some of the recipes were not at all classic WASP ... particularly the Chicken Cacciatore :-0
I will say though, the woman talking about it had as WASP a name as I've heard ... Muffie Potter Aston.
The influence of larger society is definitely adding to the menu.

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