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2006/10/09 13:23:37 (permalink)

Was I out of line?

OK I will make this as brief as possible. Me and my wife were in a pizzeria/italian place on Saturday night. The place was not too busy, so our pizza arrived in less than 10 minutes. The problem is that the server carrying the large pepperoni to our table lets out a huge loud sneeze just as she reaches our table. She says "Excuse me" as she lays the pizza on our table. As diplomatically as possible, I said "you don't expect us to eat that, you sprayed on it" She replied "Sir, I turned my head, there is nothing wrong with the pizza"
I demanded to have a new pizza and when she refused, I asked to speak to the manager. Well the owner shows up and after some bickering back and forth says "OK take it back, and have another one made and make it 'special'"
Well they took their sweet time making the replacement and after 40 minutes of waiting, we were starving and about to leave. The owner stopped by with the waitress delivering the new pizza and with a grin said "I really hope you enjoy this one folks"
I ate a few slices, but something told me all was not right. I noticed the servers giggling among themselves and the cook. I told wife to stop eating, tossed a $20 on the table and left.
I am not sure I handled this right. I should have just walked out of the damn place.

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    RE: Was I out of line? 2006/10/09 13:32:16 (permalink)
    I would have left the very instant the waitress refused to bring another pie. Fact is, she should have never put the first one on the table after she sneezed on it. If you are able to make contact with the owner of the restaurant in some fashion, I would do so and describe what happened in the same detail you have written above.
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    RE: Was I out of line? 2006/10/09 13:37:00 (permalink)
    You ate a few slices of it???!!!

    No way, I would have walked out once the manager came by and started arguing about taking it back.
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    RE: Was I out of line? 2006/10/09 13:48:02 (permalink)

    I agree that you should have walked out at the first hint of resistance to taking back the original pizza. It is certainly not a good sign that the waitress and the owner both expected you to eat food that had been sneezed on.

    And, assuming that your paranoia wasn't working overtime, it sounds to me like they did something even more disgusting to the replacement pizza. If the delivery of the "special" pizza was provoking giggles and snickers from the staff, I hate to think of what childish (but potentially disgusting) things they did to that pie before delivering it to your table.

    Remember the old saying:
    "A satisfied customer tells 5 people. A dissatisfied customer tells 25 people" (or something to that effect). Without embellishing the story, tell this tale to as many locals as possible, and allow them to draw their own conclusions.

    The public in your locale deserves to know about this place, and if they decide to stop patronizing it, it will just be an indication of the bad karma that the management of the pizzeria created.
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    RE: Was I out of line? 2006/10/09 13:54:26 (permalink)
    While you are at it, report them to the health department. Tell them exactly what happened.
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    RE: Was I out of line? 2006/10/09 14:07:32 (permalink)

    Pizza sneezin' = Troll bait. Parses rides again.
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