Weekend Plans?

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Michael Stern
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RE: Weekend Plans? 2003/10/25 05:20:40 (permalink)
Yesterday, being Jane's birthday, and Jane being on the Atkins plan, she was gifted by a friend with a special treat in the form of a double-thick raw prime ribeye steak with a candle stuck into the top and multi-colored jimmies sprinkled all around. With the candle removed and the jimmies brushed off, this broiled up into one truly savory cake! Today (for us non-Atkins eaters): apple pie. Sunday: all the kosher hot dogs we can possibly eat.
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RE: Weekend Plans? 2003/10/25 06:27:23 (permalink)
Good Morning! Been up since 4AM & now ready to head out to Memphis at 5:30 to go with friends from there to some sort of forestry festival at some town about 60 mi. away. Don't know anything about the festival & can't even remember its location; just know its in "parts unknown" to me. Don & Delores are good "roadfooders", tho, so am trusting their knowledge & judgment for the day. They did mention festival foods & nearby good catfish restaurants (probably knew that would entice me), plus said one of several possible routes was through Holly Springs, MS. Regardless of what we've eaten earlier, I'm hoping timing will be such to return thru Holly Springs for a stop there for some of those great Phillips Grocery hamburgers; one of my two favorite burgers in the entire world. Tomorrow will just be a day at home, probably inside if weather forecasts prove out. I didn't post any weekend plans here until this morn as didn't know if this trip would materialize, what with the thunderstorms forecast for today. Still perfect weather here now & current forecasts are those thunderstorms won't be moving in until sometimes this afternoon, so hoping for good day/good outing/good eats.
Michael Hoffman
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RE: Weekend Plans? 2003/10/25 11:43:05 (permalink)
Originally posted by RedPatti

My 12 gauge is in Texas at Briley getting choked and tubed and I miss it. Boo hoo. Now I am shooting my Beretta 686 and loving it. Can't wait to go shooting tonight. Thanks for sending all the great TV shows from Texas, Virginia, Maryland, etc. etc. that I get to watch on the outdoor channel. Wish I was there.
Briley's huh? Sounds expensive.
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RE: Weekend Plans? 2003/10/25 12:59:12 (permalink)
Unfortunately, I'm working today. Everyone coming in keeps telling me what a nice day it is! Tomorrow I'm going to start a big pot of chili and let it simmer most of the afternoon while I'm raking up the leaves in the yard.
seafarer john
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RE: Weekend Plans? 2003/10/25 13:10:17 (permalink)
We dont own a gun of any kind, but would be happy to accept donations of wild game from our intreped hunting friends.

This weekend we will be taking down awnings, raking leaves, putting the garden to sleep, planting Spring bulbs, eating squash soup, chevre, apple crisp, some kind of chicken dish, drinking fresh cider and some of the new wines from the Finger Lakes , and we hope to see the World Series ended tonight with a National League victory.
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RE: Weekend Plans? 2003/10/25 16:58:41 (permalink)
Russellville had their annual Fall Fest today--a classic car show, kids dog show, craft show, kids games and chili contest. We sampled five different chilis out of a total of 18 and voted on our favorite. I don't know about you, but there are only so many bowls of chili one can eat and still live to tell about it. We also picked up a bag of homemade pecan brittle (they let us taste it and that was that) and a fresh cinnamon roll to split, and I volunteered to help out at the hospice.

The temp dropped about 25 degrees since this morning, so tonight I'm making an apple crisp and some pumpkin bread, and tomorrow a batch of chicken noodle soup to have with our leftover Challah bread. We're also going to take the toilet seats back to Lowe's and exchange them. Betcha can't top that for excitement, right?

Happy Belated Birthday Jane!
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RE: Weekend Plans? 2003/10/25 17:56:53 (permalink)
Gosh, I was amazed at all the responses to this thread!! Haven't had time to check in, as Friday afternoons seem to be the time when everyone at work enjoys dumping their last minute tasks on me.
Currently have a chicken simmering in the stock pot for Sunday's cream of chicken with wild rice soup. Also completing the preparation for this evening's goulash. (I can smell the paprika now!!) The weather here is is just as predicted; cold and rainy. Oh well. Will make up for it with some fine home cookin'! Have a great weekend, all!!!
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RE: Weekend Plans? 2003/10/26 16:33:11 (permalink)
Hope all of your weekends turned out to be great. My adventure yesterday was a total joy, but far different than anticipated. We arrived yesterday morn at Bolivar, TN, only to discover the Forestry Festival had totally fizzled. Per the director, the majority of festival exhibitors, participants, contestants, etc. simply failed to show up that morn, with no notice, due assumedly to the prior day's bad weather forecasts & actual threatening weather that morn. Was she disgusted & embarrassed! I felt sorry for her, for it was obvious she & her group had done much festival prep work.
With nothing much going on in Bolivar, we headed out for places and things all unknown to me, first "doing" the Shiloh National Military Park; quite interesting, tho believe I really prefer Vicksburg. We then went for late lunch at Hagy's Catfish House Restaurant, immediately north of the Park. What an eating treat that was! Hagy's is reached by going down a little wooded road which opens onto this beautiful clearing right on a bluff overlooking the Tennessee River. The restaurant is the only thing there other than a little old log shack. Don't think I've ever seen a restaurant so isolated, "off by itself" in such a lovely, peaceful setting. Guess restaurant building is sort of on the order of a lodge with a front sitting porch and all glass front walls through which diners can look out over the beautiful grounds & Tennessee River. There is even a stairway one can go down to the very banks of the river (surprised that is permitted what with this days litigious society). Not only is the setting so lovely, but the food was fabulous. Menu offered several varieties of catfish, other seafood, and believe various poultry, beef, and barbecue selections (I really wasn't paying that much attention after seeing the catfish). I went with the just plain fried catfish which was the most delicately flavored (both coating and fish itself) catfish I've ever eaten; and it was by far the most grease free fried fish I've ever had. Potatoes, hushpuppies, and especially the unique slaw were all just as delicious. Had a taste of Don's white chocolate banana custard pie (great) altho its a lemon chess type pie for which they are most famous. If anyone is ever touring Shiloh or traveling thru the area, I heartily recommend Hagy's Catfish Hotel, which is still owned by descendants of the original 1938 founding family, with its current building dating from 1976. Try it if you are in the area! Would add that Don said as good as Hagy's catfish is, he thinks that at Taylor's in the Oxford area is even better, but Delores prefers Hagy's. See they are both included in "TopTen" list of national catfish restaurants in rating by some national catfish institute.
After that great meal enjoyed touring Pickwick lock & dam & Lake area; had no idea it was such a huge resort area; then enjoyable touring thru far northwest MS and a run down a beautiful section of the Natchez Trace Parkway to Tupelo. So thoroughly enjoyed the new (less than year old) Tupelo Auto Museum, currently exhibiting 112 cars. Fine facility, great variety of autos well exhibited, and opportunity to view restoration work currently in progress on additional vintage cars. Highlight of museum to me was getting to see my first ever Tucker, with which I've been fascinated since first seeing newsfilm feature re the Tucker as a kid at local movie theater in 1948 - a 55 year dream finally materialized! Although nearly dark and all there was closed, enjoyed walking through Elvis’ birthplace park in Tupelo before starting trip back to Memphis, during which all of us were still too full to stop for Phillips Grocery hamburgers when through Holly Springs, even it it had gotten there before it closed for the day.
Though threatening weather all day, found no rain until got back to Memphis, and then was in hard rain all the way home, only to have it stop 5 min. after got home, & fortunately have had none since. So tho things don't always work out as planned, the alternative to those plans at times turns out to be even more enjoyable than would have been the original - such as was this 480 mile adventure yesterday. I do highly recommend Hagy's Catfish Hotel to all and the Tupelo Auto Museum to any other "car nuts" like me. Again, hope all of you had most enjoyable weekends.
PS - correction; pie was banana custard, not coconut custard as originally posted.
Mayhaw Man
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RE: Weekend Plans? 2003/10/26 19:52:14 (permalink)
Sounds like a great trip. Sorry about the Forestry Festival, but if it was like here it was the first weekend of deer season and I imagine working foresters were in short supply unless you were at a deer camp (there I am sure, that one well swung cat would have hit a pile of them)

I am not going to go into one of my impromptu lectures on the late war, but to truly appreciate the battlefield at Shiloh one should read Shelby Foote's book by the same name and then go to the field before dawn and wait on daylight in the quiet. I know it sound kind of dumb, but I have done it a couple of time and found it to be a very stirring experience.

I do like the monuments at Vicksburg, however. THe Louisiana monument is currently under reconstruction (probably the wrong term to use, considering the circumstances right after the war.
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RE: Weekend Plans? 2003/10/26 20:55:37 (permalink)
Mayhaw, thanks for suggestions and info re both Shiloh and Vicksburg. Maybe I'm just more impressed with Vicksburg because of familiarity and the monuments (and do believe you could seek different term to describe current Louisiana monument action). I've also tremendously enjoyed the gunboat Cairo exhibit & museum there in more recent years.
Don't know about deer season in Tenn. and Miss., but in Ark. first muzzleloader season is over and earliest "modern gun" season doesn't begin until Nov. 8. Think your description of first day of La. deer season would be applicable to first day of "regular" deer season in any state in the midsouth. Tho not so here, it's an official school holiday in some southwest Ark. towns. Imagine quite a few Tenn., Ala., Miss., and Ark. foresters and other folks of all ilk may have been found in Tuscaloosa and Oxford yesterday, also. (I'll make no further comment re Oxford yesterday.) Don mentioned the crowd at Catfish Hotel yesterday noon was smallest he'd ever seen there. Am sure the day turned out much more interesting and enjoyable yesterday than would have been a day simply at a forestry festival.
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RE: Weekend Plans? 2003/10/26 20:57:00 (permalink)
Michael, please wish Jane a belated Happy Birthday from JaneDough (my Jane) and I. How is Jane doing on Atkins??
Originally posted by Michael Stern

Yesterday, being Jane's birthday, and Jane being on the Atkins plan, she was gifted by a friend with a special treat in the form of a double-thick raw prime ribeye steak with a candle stuck into the top and multi-colored jimmies sprinkled all around. With the candle removed and the jimmies brushed off, this broiled up into one truly savory cake! Today (for us non-Atkins eaters): apple pie. Sunday: all the kosher hot dogs we can possibly eat.
mayor al
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RE: Weekend Plans? 2003/10/26 23:09:11 (permalink)
Civil War Buffs,
I have done the "Crack'A'Dawn" walk around on a foggy summer morning at Gettysburg. It is almost impossible to describe the "spirit" of the battlefield one feels during that type of experience.
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RE: Weekend Plans? 2003/10/28 09:20:24 (permalink)
I really had no plans last weekend until a friend of mine just returned from a business trip to LasCruces NM with a suitcase full of frozen chiles from Hatch. That meant a big pot of Green Chile stew was on the stove on Sunday .
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