What is Aquavit?

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RE: What is Aquavit? 2003/07/21 17:22:04 (permalink)
Oh man! I haven't had a gin fizz since my college days! Is the sun across the yardarm yet?
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RE: What is Aquavit? 2003/07/21 20:56:33 (permalink)
I am not sure about all the ingredients of aquavit, but what I had in Minneapolis was good. What they did was steep some fruit with vodka for several weeks with some different types of fruit. It made a very good refreshing cocktail before lunch.

Paul E. Smith
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RE: What is Aquavit? 2003/07/22 00:15:56 (permalink)
Sundancer7: WOW...886posts...to me, the new boy on the block(Road)...that,s awesome! Keep in mind...I mean-look back in the threads here...and you'll find my mention of product most widly sold in liquer/package stores across the Country: (AQUAVIT)= LABEL>AALBORG AKVAVIT<@$15.00/5th(green bottle)(white label)...THE ONE, MOST CONSUMMED, IN DENMARK. ...No fruit,No modernization, just Basic, But THE FIRST, made with/from carrdomen(distillate x 2). Use IT to make DANISH MARY(s) ... and you will "Fall-In-Love"! There I Go Agin... - Still!!! SKOL A*
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RE: What is Aquavit? 2003/07/22 08:25:52 (permalink)
This link will tell you what real Aquavit is all about. I drank Linie brand while working in Germany- 41.5 % alcohol by volume.

I always get a kick out of watching people lamming shots of Aquavit, Doornknat, Jaegermeister. They are not to be consumed as shots! These aperitifs were developed as DIGESTIVE AIDS, to be sipped after a hearty meal.
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RE: What is Aquavit? 2003/10/31 17:13:42 (permalink)
Regarding Linie: I have a bottle sitting right in front of me. Dug it out of the liquor cabinet. Years ago we lived in Chicago and during a visit with relatives that were from Norway we got onto the subject of Aquavit. My cousin and I ran down to a liquor store and I bought the last two bottles of Linie from them for $17 each. They told me that the distributor could not get them anymore so I was very excited.

We'll we killed one of them off that same evening and I brought the second one out here to Colorado when we moved. The same relatives came out here two years ago and we drank about half of the last bottle. Love the stuff!

There is a story behind Linie and how it got it's name. Seems years ago the bottler in Norway made a large batch, in casks, to sell in Austrailia. They loaded the boat with all the casks and sailed for months to deliver the load. When they got there, for some reason, they were turned away and had to sail all the way back to Norway with it all. Well, the batch tasted fantastic, better than the previous versions and they attributed that to crossing the equator two times hence, the name Linie, which is "Line" in Norwegian.

From that day forth the aging process time was fixed to equal the duration of the original trip. Yes, alcohol content is 41.5% or 83 proof and was primarily used as an after dinner drink to calm the stomach. I think I got all that right, or close enough.

Made by: Arcus Produkter AS, Oslo, Norway.

Does anyone know if you can buy this in the US again?

Castle Rock, Colorado

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RE: What is Aquavit? 2003/10/31 17:58:44 (permalink)
Aquavit makes an excellent Bloody Mary.
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